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IDST 199: University Learning

Course will refine students’ skills in critical thinking, reading, study skills, and information literacy.  Students will explore majors and careers, personal development, and campus resources. All students who have demonstrated college readiness need in reading must pass IDST 199 to satisfy the college readiness requirement formerly sufficed by LTCY 199.

University Learning

College Readiness Requirements

IDST 369: Career Related Field Experience

Looking to receive internship credits? This course involves supervised work experience related to your field of study or career goals within a cooperating business, industry, or agency. It is available in 1, 2, or 3 credit hour formats. You should first discuss with your BIS adviser and with their approval. Note: Course materials will be available via Blackboard but up to three face-to-face meetings on Main Campus with a sponsoring instructor will be needed.

IDST 375/376: Seminar/Practicum in Peer Mentoring

The Seminar in Peer Mentoring is an introduction to effective mentoring techniques within the classroom and beyond, including an examination of mentoring theories and styles.

IDST 395: Investigative Methods in Interdisciplinary Studies

This course is a comprehensive introduction to different approaches to Interdisciplinary Studies as an academic research process or method. Readings and research projects will allow the student to learn the importance of critical analysis, integration and cultural relevancy when working in two or more fields or disciplines. The student will begin to investigate and apply the issues, ideas and theories relevant to their interdisciplinary study.

IDST 390: Interdisciplinary Applications: The Ends of the World

This course also fulfills the Colonnade Connections #1 - Social/Cultural (K-SC) component of WKU's General Education program.

Note on IDST 399: Special Topics

BIS majors may take our IDST 399 Special Topics courses twice for up to a total of six credit hours on their degree plan. Check with your advisor to see if you are eligible and whether the topic being offered is appropriate to your emphasis.

IDST 495: Interdisciplinary Studies Capstone

This Senior Seminar is a culmination of the student's Interdisciplinary Studies and a time to build upon the relationships of meaning and interpretation within their Emphasis or multiple areas of study. The need is to focus the distinctions and methods of their BIS degree in a professional manner and better prepare the student for life after graduation.

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