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ID Card Q & A

What if my ID Card is not working?

The magnetic stripe on your ID card may be worn or damaged. Bring your card to the ID Center. We will check it out for you, and if it is damaged due to normal wear and tear we will replace your card free of charge (limited to 1 free replacement per year). If it has been damaged due to misuse, you may replace it for $20.00.


What if I am both a student and faculty/staff member? Do I need two cards?

The ID card verification system will allow only one classification--either faculty/staff or student. You only need one ID card. Whatever classification ranks more, that is the ID type you will be issued. For example, if you are a full-time student and part-time faculty/staff, you will be issued a student ID. Or, if you are a full-time faculty/staff, but are taking under 12 hours of classes (part-time student), you will be issued a faculty/staff ID.


What if my status changes?

If you change statuses, you can receive a new ID card to reflect that change. Status change must be verified by ID staff either by utilizing Banner or by communication from department involved.  You must turn in your old ID card, and we will update your status and print a new, updated card free of charge.


What happens if someone steals my card or finds it and charges with it?

The first step to take whenever your ID card is missing is to report it to the ID Center, DSU 2125, (270) 745-2417, or by logging into  to deactivate your card. Once that is done, the ID Center can also provide a report showing all transactions made with your ID card. You may contact WKU Police with this information to assist them in their investigation. 

You may request a replacement ID card for a fee of $20.00. This card will automatically become the active card, and your lost/stolen card will remain inactive.


What if my name changes?

Bring in your current ID card, with any documentation confirming the change (such as marriage license, Social Security Card). If you have your current ID card to turn in, there will be no replacement fee.


How long should I keep my ID card?

This card is intended to be your ID card throughout your entire academic or employment career at Western Kentucky University.  Replacements are not normally issued except in the case of outdated info or if lost or stolen.


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 Last Modified 1/18/18