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Thermal Analysis Laboratory Publications

Thermal Analysis Lab - Publications


Selected Publications:

Behl, M.; Yeom, J.; Lineberry, Q.; Jain, P. K.; Shannon, M. A. A regenerable oxide-based H2S adsorbent with nanofibrous morphology. Nature Nanotech. 2012, 7(12), 810-815.

Zhao, H.-Y.; Cao, Y.; Sit, S. P.; Lineberry, Q.; Pan, W.-P. Thermal Characteristics of Bitumen Pyrolysis. J. Therm. Anal. Calorim. 2012, 107(2), 541-547.

Zhao, H.-Y.; Cao, Y.; Lineberry, Q.; Pan, W.-P. Evaluation of CO2 adsorption capacity of solid sorbents. J. Therm. Anal. Calorim. 2011, 106(1), 199-205.
Ghose, S.; Watson, K. A.; Cano, R. J.; Britton, S. M.; Jensen, B. J.; Connell, J. W.; Herring, H. M.; Lineberry, Q. J. High temperature VARTM of phenylethynyl terminated imides. High Perform. Polym. 2009, 21(5), 653-672.

Lineberry, Q.; Cao, Y.; Lin, Y.; Ghose, S.; Connell, J. W.; Pan, W.-P. Mercury Capture from Flue Gas Using Palladium Nanoparticle-Decorated Substrates as Injected Sorbent. Energy Fuels. 2009, 23 (3), 1512-1517.

Latta, G.; Lineberry, Q.; Ozao, R.; Zhao, H.-Y.; Pan, W.-P. Thermal properties of ethylene octene copolymer (Engage)/dimethyldioctadecyl quaternary ammonium chloride-modified montmorillonite clay nanocomposites. J. Mater. Sci. 2008, 43(8), 2555-2561.

Lineberry, Q.; Buthelezi, T.; Pan, W.-P. Characterization of Modified Carbon Nanotubes by TG-MS and Pyrolysis-GC/MS. JAI. 2006, 3(9).

Whitely, N.; Ozao, R.; Artiaga, R.; Cao, Y.; Pan, W.-P. Multi-utilization of Chicken Litter as Biomass Source – Part I. Combustion. Energy Fuels, 2006, 20, 2660-2665.

Whitely, N.; Ozao, R.; Cao, Y.; Pan, W.-P. Multi-utlization of Chicken Litter as Biomass Source – Part II. Pyrolysis. Energy Fuels, 2006, 20, 2666-2671.

Xie, W.; Xie, R.; Pan, W.-P.; Hunter, D.; Koene, B.; Tan, L.-S.; Vaia, R. Thermal Stability of Quaternary Phosphonium Modified Montmorillonites. Chem. Mater. 2002, 14(11) 4837-4845. (203 citations)

Xie, W.; Gao, Z.; Pan, W.-P.; Hunter, D.; Vaia, R. Thermal Degradation Chemistry of Alkyl Quaternary Ammonium Montmorillonite. Chem. Mater. 2001, 13(9) 2979-2990. (586 citations)




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