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Transitioning Form 16 Payments to Classified Positions

Recommended Action

In order to correctly identify positions as either exempt or non-exempt, a classification of the position should be completed based on the job duties and expected pay amount through Interview Exchange.  Form 16s should be limited in use to overtime payments for individuals paid on the semi-monthly payroll and supplemental payments for positions classified as exempt.  

Directions for Classifying a Position Previously Paid by Form 16

  1. Complete an Interview Exchange requisition.  For general position creation, choose "Request to Fill – Staff (Create a New Position)" or for temporary positions with individuals already identified, choose "Request to Fill - Non-Competitive".
    1. In the Additional Information section, use the following quote “position transitioning from Form 16 KT9999/KE9999 to a classified position”
    2. IMPORTANT:  Clearly identify the duties of the position in the Principal Duties section, including percentage of time spent performing each duty. 
  2. The requisition will be reviewed by Human Resources and classified as exempt or non-exempt according to the requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act.
    • If multiple individuals will be identified for the position, a single pooled position number can be created per funding index.
    • Non-exempt positions will be placed on the bi-weekly payroll.  All hours worked should be documented on the bi-weekly timesheet and reported to payroll via a Recap Sheet each bi-weekly pay period.
    • Exempt positions will be placed on the monthly payroll.
  3. Human Resources will supply the department with a blind job posting link for individuals to “apply” for the position.
    • The link should be used for both individuals currently in the position and for any future applicants.
  4. The Department should submit an EPAF (approval category JOBPTL) except where exceptions apply.

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 Last Modified 8/10/22