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Hall Council Elections

Finding Your Place in Hall Council

Thank you for your interest in Hall Council! This is a great opportunity for students to develop leadership and transferable skills while bettering their community. On this page, you will find information about the election timeline and the positions available. If you have any questions, contact your hall director or email Nicholas Schiller at nicholas.schiller@wku.edu .


Election Timeline and Process

We encourage all residents to take a look at the Hall Council informational bulletin board in the lobby of each building which is where you can find general information about getting involved in your Hall Council. We strongly encourage anyone interested in running for a position within hall council to attend their hall council interest meeting for their building, or email your hall director directly. 

Download the Election Packet


Election Timeline

For Fall 2017 elections, information will be published in August. Please see your hall director for information, regarding the Spring 2018 Hall Council positions.


Campaign Guidelines:

  • Campaign materials should be tasteful in keeping with the institutional and departmental values.  Any materials that are considered inappropriate will be taken down from posting.
  • Stacks of campaign material cannot be left on the front desk of your hall or other public places.
  • Poster and flyer sizes cannot exceed 8 ½ inches by 11 inches.
  • Campaign materials are extended to intellectual property, such as email, personal websites, instant messenger profiles and away messages, Facebook groups and messages.
  • Your candidacy for your respective position will be in question if:
    • Your poster is posted over an opponent’s poster.
    • Graffiti supporting you, as a candidate, is found on another candidate’s campaign poster.
    • You, and/or your supporters, are found to be tearing down another candidate’s posters or vandalizing them in any way.
    • The location where your poster is posted is deemed inappropriate or is not in compliance with University policy.
    • Two violations of any and all campaign guidelines will result in a revocation of candidacy.
  • Election Day Guidelines:
    • The only information a candidate may publicize is an encouragement for others to vote.


Qualifications to Hold a Position:

  • Reside in the residence hall during the academic year
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.25
  • May not serve in the capacity of a Resident Assistant for the department of Housing and Residence life
  • May serve in the capacity as a floor representative and executive board member
  • Must remain in good conduct standing within the department and university


Positions Available (Position Descriptions):

  • President
  • Administrative Chair
  • Events Chair
  • Marketing and Public Relations Chair
  • Hall Communications Coordinators (2 Available)

Additional positions may be created with the help of your hall director. Additional positions could include: Intramural Sports Chair, Athletics Chair, Sustainability Chair, and more. We encourage you to use additional positions to gain the experience you want!

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