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NRHH Executive Board

WKU NRHH Executive Board

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Kalyn Johnson


The Director of NRHH is responsible for providing the overall vision and direction of the organization. This position represents NRHH to the Department of Housing and Residence Life, as well as, the WKU campus community. The Director also plans and presides over executive board and general assembly meetings. Additionally, this position serves as the liaison between SAACURH, NACURH, and the NSRO.

Email Address: Kalyn.Johnson031@topper.wku.edu

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Associate Director of Administration 

The Associate Director of Administration is responsible for providing oversight to the NRHH budget and general record keeping of the organization. This potion also serves as the Chair of the Fundraising Committee.

Email Address:


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Katie Fischer

Associate Director of Membership

The Associate Director of Membership is responsible for overseeing and directing all NRHH recruitment and retention efforts. This position is also responsible for serving as the Director in the Director’s absence.

Email Address: Katie.Fischer008@topper.wku.edu

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Kirsten Lindner

Associate Director of Recognition

The Associate Director of Recognition is responsible for providing oversight to all NRHH recognition efforts. This position serves as the Chair of the Of-The-Month (OTM) Selection Committee and spearheads recognition initiatives throughout the residence halls.

Email Address: Kirsten.Lindner306@topper.wku.edu

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Associate Director of Philanthropy

The Associate Director of Philanthropy is responsible for all community service and philanthropic activities and events that NRHH hosts each year. This position is also responsible for all marketing and general record keeping of service initiatives.

Email Address: Christi.Armstrong051@topper.wku.edu

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Joseph "Dom" Cortez

NRHH Representative


Email Address: Joseph.Cortez177@topper.wku.edu


WKU NRHH Advisors

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Holly Brandewie

Residence Hall Director, Pearce Ford Tower


Daniel Gonzalez

Daniel Gonzalez

Coordinator of Housing & Residence Life, Barnes Campbell Hall



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