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WKU - Housing Renewal FAQs

Live ON - it's time to renew your housing.

How will I select my room?

You will need to decide where you would like to live next Fall (stay in your same room, move to a different room in the same hall, or change halls). Once you identify your preference, view the schedule to find out when you can enter Topnet for the room selection process. This schedule is available on our website, and you will be notified of this schedule in your WKU email account as well. You will select your room on Topnet through "My Housing". You will be able to see all vacant spaces in the residence halls. If you wish to pull in a roommate, you will want to identify rooms that have two vacant spaces. Once you have access to "My Housing," you will continue to have access until March 31,  and can make changes to your assignment and roommate until that date.

What is a "Proxy Code?"

The proxy code is a random 8-digit number that is only used by a student to pull another student into their room as their roommate. You should only give your proxy code to a student that you want to room with. The proxy code can be found on your "My Housing" page in Topnet.

Can I change my proxy code?

Yes. There is a place on your "My Housing" page that allows you to change your proxy code. Simply choose a random 8 digit number and click the "Change Proxy Code" button.

What if I gave my proxy code to someone and I no longer want to live with that person?

If you change your mind about rooming with a particular person that you have already given your proxy code to, you just need to change your proxy code as outlined above. If they have already pulled you in as their roommate, you can go into "My Housing" and change your room assignment.

Can I pull in a roommate of my choice?

You will be able to pull in a roommate of your choice, as long as s/he is eligible to live in the same residence hall as you are and there is a space in your room. You must have your preferred roommate's proxy code in order to pull him/her in. During this room selection process, you can only pull in a roommate that is currently living on campus. If you would like a new freshmen or transfer student to be your roommate, you will need to contact the Housing and Residence Life office or email that information to

If I don't pick a specific roommate, how will I know who my roommate is?

Once someone is assigned to your room, their name will be listed on your "My Housing" page just below your room assignment information.

What is a "squatter?"

A "Squatter" is a term used for those students who want to stay in their same room. If you want to stay in your same room for next year, you will enter "My Housing" on February 20, 2018 and select "Stay in Same Room."

How do I access "My Housing"

Log in to Topnet, click on the Student Services link, then click on the "My Housing" link.

Will I be notified of my room assignment?

Yes. An email will be sent to you after you make your room selection. If you gave your proxy number to someone so they could pull you in as their roommate, you will also receive an email. Every time you make a change to your assignment, you will receive a new email confirming that change.

How can I get a private room?

A limited number of private rooms will be available to upperclass students in McCormack hall for males and Rodes Harlin Hall for females.  The cost of a private room is 1.25x the double occupancy rate of that hall.  

During renewal, there will be an option to add yourself to a waitlist for private room. Additionally, you must also renew to another room on campus, to hold a spot elsewhere, should you not get a private room.  

As renewal continues in March, Housing & Residence Life staff will contact students on the waitlist, in a first-come, first-serve order to re-assign you to a private room at McCormack or Rodes Harlin halls.  For more information, please call our office at 270.745.4359.

How can I renew to an extended living hall?

Extended living halls remain open during Thanksgiving, winter, and spring breaks, when other halls traditionally close.  If you need extended living, please come by the Housing & Residence Life Office in Southwest Hall 18 and we will assist you in renewing to Barnes Campbell, Northeast and Hilltopper halls.

What are the definitions of "rising seniors," "rising juniors," "rising sophomores," and "rising freshmen?"

For the purpose of room selection, priority is based on classification, except for students in the Honors College who want to live in an honors hall. Once the squatters have been assigned, we will open "My Housing" to everyone else based on their classification. (Hours are calculated by adding your cumulative earned hours to your Spring 2018 hours).  Priority for the Honors College residents is calculated using their honors credits, not earned hours.  Honors credits are:  0-5 for rising freshmen, 6-14 for rising sophomores, 15-23 for rising juniors and 24+ for rising seniors.

  • "Rising seniors" - students who will have 90 or more hours by the end of the Spring 2018 semester
  • "Rising juniors" - students who will have 60 to 89 hours by the end of the Spring 2018 semester
  • "Rising sophomores" - students who will have 30 to 59 hours by the end of the Spring 2018 semester
  • "Rising freshmen" - students who will have 0-29 hours by the end of the Spring 2018 semester

Have more questions? Contact your RA, your Hall Director, or the HRL main office: | (270)745-4359 | 18 Southwest Hall

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 Last Modified 2/27/18