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Ladybug Control

Ladybugs in the Residence Halls

Ladybugs are beneficial insects outdoors, but in the fall months they are an annoyance to many as they migrate indoors with the purpose of finding shelter until spring. Migrating ladybugs are a common occurrence in homes for this region of the state and the nation.

Because pesticides are ineffective in managing the spread of ladybugs, there is very little that can be done by university staff in removing them. Please follow the following tips for removing and preventing the spread of ladybugs in your residence hall room:

  • Leave windows closed. Ladybugs will find any kind of crack to find their way into a warm building.
  • When you find a ladybug, do not kill it. Dead ladybugs emit an odor that attracts more ladybugs.
  • Instead of killing the ladybugs, vacuum or gather them into a plastic bag or other container and take them to the trash compactor.


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 Last Modified 9/14/18