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The Gatehouse is not a hotel; it is an historic structure. Occupants are expected to keep the apartment clean and tidy while in use. For those that would prefer to contract out this responsibility, a cleaning service is available at an additional charge.

The Gatehouse is not ADA accessible. It is an historic structure and includes steep and narrow stairways. 

Parents of scholars studying at Harlaxton are advised to check Harlaxton’s academic calendar to better understand your scholar’s academic, travel and exam schedules. A seven-day limit applies for guests or family members of scholars to permit scholars to focus on their studies. Guests will normally not be accommodated during the first week of a term or during final examinations.

WKU employees may rent the Gatehouse for short- or long-term trips, including semester-long teaching at Harlaxton College, sabbaticals, research trips and personal vacations. Please inquire directly with the Mahurin Honors College to discuss your needs and Gatehouse availability.

WKU alumni are welcome to reserve the Gatehouse at any time.

Check-in time is 2 p.m. and check-out is 10 a.m., though there is some flexibility. Main reception is open 24 hours a day. Upon arrival, please make your way to the Pegasus Courtyard. As you approach the Manor, turn left toward “Goods In.”  The reception area is clearly marked and guests need to park, walk up the ramp and press the buzzer to gain entry.

At Main reception, you will receive the key to the Gatehouse and some basic information about Harlaxton’s policies and procedures. You can also make arrangements to take your meals in the refectory for an additional charge. Note that the Gatehouse key is quite large and weighs almost a pound. You may want to drop it off at main reception when you go out!

A guidebook for your stay will be provided upon booking the Gatehouse, with information about traveling in Britain, what to pack and other concerns.

The Gatehouse features a kitchen with the basic complement of dishes and cooking utensils. This includes a coffee maker, electric kettle, stove, oven and refrigerator. There is a trash bin outside the flat which is emptied regularly. A private washer and dryer are in the apartment for your use. Detergent is not provided by Harlaxton. The flat also comes with an iron, ironing board and hairdryer.

Towels and linens are provided. A spare set of bed linens is kept in the flat. Guests have responsibility for laundering their own towels during their stay, as towels are not exchanged like in a hotel.

The Gatehouse also features a wood stove and outdoor chimney, with a supply of logs in the basement of the flat. Please inquire at reception if you are unsure how to operate these safely. Never leave a fire unattended.

Electricity is 230 volts (double what we use in the United States), and they use a Type G plug and outlet system. Many appliances are not dual voltage and will be destroyed if you plug them in. Check your laptop, phone chargers and other electronics to see whether yours can handle.

If your electronics are dual voltage, you can simply use an adaptor plug. You can find them online, and they are sold at main reception and the Harlaxton boutique.

Grantham is easily accessed by rail and bus from the major airports of Britain. All local taxi firms know where to drop guests at the Gatehouse.

Harlaxton recommends using Street Cars Taxi, phone number: 01476 590008. Street Cars Taxi provides a discount for trips from the Grantham train station to Harlaxton. You can call them from the train and they will be waiting for you.

Another local service is Premier Cabs, which provides service to various airports and seaports from Grantham, website: http://www.premiercabs.org and phone number: 01476 822 822.

Be sure to ask the taxi driver to wait while you collect your keys, as the Gatehouse is half a mile down the drive.

Additional details about traveling throughout Britain from Grantham will be provided in your guidebook.

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 Last Modified 7/21/20