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Honors student J.P Stovall participated in a great program through Sol Education Abroad that placed him in Buenos Aires for 6 weeks. He took 2 classes there, one being an advanced language class, and the other, a class on human Rights and genocide, specifically focusing on the troubling times that Argentina experienced during the 1970s.

" In class I became much more comfortable with living my daily life in Spanish, and also learned about genocidal atrocities around the world while doing an in detail case study about La Guerra Sucia that occurred in which estimates of 9 - 30 thousand people were "disappeared". Outside of class I got to take in the amazing city of Buenos Aires with its beautiful french architecture to be found everywhere, the wonderful summer weather, and was taken on various excursions with other students by the program director to partake in typical Argentinian cultural activities: Tango, visiting a gaucho ranch, drinking Mate, touring the historic barrios as well as the beautiful parks and museums," J.P. said.


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