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Mahurin Honors College Alumni Ambassadors


The Mahurin Honors College Alumni Ambassadors (MHCAA) is a student organization advancing the goals of the Mahurin Honors College (MHC) through volunteering and facilitating programs and initiatives to enhance student-alumni relationships, build traditions, establish a spirit of loyalty to the College, develop professional skills, and promote an understanding of the importance of philanthropy. MHCAA members serve as liaisons to alumni, parents of scholars, and other friends of the MHC who are helping to enhance, grow, and support the College.  

To apply to become a Mahurin Honors College Alumni Ambassador, please fill out the application form (currently unavailable).


Benefits of being involved in MHCAA

Students involved in MCHAA partake in the planning and implementation of a number of initiatives providing them with broad-based knowledge and a set of diversified skill. MHCAA members also have unique networking opportunities with alumni, donors, administrators, and community members and, as a result, experience both personal and professional growth. Opportunities to acquire and sharpen leadership, communication skills, and a familiarity of working within a metrics driven organization. Additionally, they will develop a range of soft, public online research, and writing skills in additional to professional development and a better understanding of career opportunities in the fields of alumni relations and philanthropy. Finally, MHCAA will receive special MHC apparel and a one of a kind experience.

Requirements to participate in MHCAA

Membership is open to any MHC scholar with good standing, a servant-leader worldview, and a strong interest in assisting the College achieve its goals. MHCAA members should be able to attend trainings/retreats, monthly meetings, and volunteer hours per towards supporting the goals of the organization. Service hours are satisfied through a combination of office hours, alumni programming/projects, public online research, writing projects, and special events. Ability to volunteer 5 to 10 hours per week to the organization, including office hours in the MHC suite. Members must comply with WKU’s Code of Student Conduct.

Getting involved

Applications will be available on the MHC website. Applications will be reviewed, finalists will be interviewed, and will be informed of their status. MHCAA are selected based on their passion for the MHC, leadership potential, campus and community involvement, and demonstrated desire to serve the MHC. Each year there are seven total members of the MHCAA.


Application to become a member of the MHCAA organization:

The MHCAA are chosen competitively each spring through an interview process conducted by the Alumni Ambassador Advisors. Current MHC Alumni Ambassadors must reapply each year.

  • Good standing in the MHC
  • Demonstrated passion for, and love of, the MHC
  • Ability to understand and convey accurate knowledge of the MHC at WKU
  • Excellent oral/written communication skills and professionalism in dealing with diverse groups of individuals
  • Potential for creative public research

MHC students interested in applying to become a MHCAA member will need to apply. In addition to application, applicants must submit a resume, two WKU faculty or staff refences with contact information, and photo.


Annual Programs & Events:

MHC Naming Day

Each year during the week of January 27, 2017, the College celebrates the WKU Board of Regents decision to name the honors college in recognition of Dixie and Peter Mahurin’s longtime philanthropic support to gifted and high achieving students. In gratitude for their largesse, the students, professional team, and faculty celebrate our naming day and recognize these two outstanding WKU alumni and friends of the College.

Alumni Spotlights

Identifying and writing up short social media posts, web-bios, and profiles about alumni with intriguing stories and/or experiences.

Recognizing Alumni Accomplishments

Congratulating alumni on successful milestones in their personal professional lives: graduation from graduate/professional school, new jobs, medical school matches, promotions, marriages, birth of a child (i.e., sending baby bibs), etc.

Homecoming Weekend

Help plan and facilitate MHC participation in WKU Homecoming Activities.


Support the MHC team in facilitating meeting, special events, and communications with parents of current and past honors scholars. This may include assisting in the planning, facilitating, and reminding parents to attend Homecoming events, Parent Weekend Events, and Parents’ Advisory Council meetings.

MHC Week of Thanks

Each year the MHC take the opportunity to spend a week focusing on saying thank you to those who have helped us get where we are today. For example, teachers, guidance counselors, coaches, and other role models who helped us be successful, written letters of recommendation, and become honors scholars today. Additionally, we thank WKU faculty, staff, and the many alumni, parents, and friends of the MHC who invest their time, talent and treasure to support the College and its students.

Regional Alumni Events

Each year the MHC host a number of regional and national alumni events. The MHCAA assists with the organizing and facilitating these events, including identifying a location, advertising, contacting alumni in the area, and following up.

Young Alumni Speaker Series (YASS)

Hosting an alumnus/a for an informal talk and Q&A to MHC scholars about their honors experience, what they are currently doing, and passing along professional and personal life lessons (two per semester). After the speaker shares his or her story and fields some questions from the audience, the event will break off into a "social" where students will have the opportunity to talk to and network with the speaker over a light refreshments.


Guidance for thanking donors
  • Students writing a thank you letter to a scholarship donor should follow these guidelines.
  • Students recording a thank you video to a scholarship donor should follow these guidelines.


MHCAA Application

MHCAA Questions?

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