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Dr. Elizabeth Gish

Dr. Elizabeth Gish
- Associate Professor / Interim Department Head

My Role in the Honors College

I teach Citizen and Self, part of the Honors College Core Curriculum, and I advise and work with students on research.

Educational Background

I got my undergraduate degree at Miami University of Ohio. I studied religion, political science, and psychology. I got my master's and doctorate in religion at Harvard Divinity School.


Arcanum, Ohio

Academic Interests

I spend my time thinking and writing about the intersections between public life and religion in the United States. I am especially interested in the ways that understandings of sexuality and gender influence this landscape.

Hobbies and Interests

Hobbies include vegetarian cooking, rescuing cats, and gardening. I am also interested in how communities can develop stronger resilience in the face of environmental and economic challenges.

What Brought me to the HC

I came to the Honors College because it was such a great opportunity to work with undergraduates in an interdisciplinary environment, asking questions about how we can live well together in a democracy.

A Little About Myself

I grew up on a farm in Ohio, but spent many summers with my extended family in Kentucky. After living in urban Massachusetts for a decade, I was excited to return to my roots in Kentucky where houses are affordable, people are friendly, and it hardly ever snows.

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