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What is an Honors Practicum?

A practicum is a field experience that allows a student to observe and document how working professionals perform their job responsibilities. Students do participate in a practicum experience, but often to a limited extent. Unlike an internship where students engage in prescribed duties and responsibilities necessary to the proper functioning of a workplace, a practicum is more like an educational shadowing experience that provides students exposure to a real workplace but with fewer predetermined objectives. The Honors Practicum course engages students primarily in reflection about the practicum experience, along with a focus on improved writing and presentation skills as well as an introduction to problem solving through creativity and innovation.


How do I enroll in an Honors Practicum Course?

To enroll in an Honors Practicum course (HON 250 or HON 350), students must submit the Honors Practicum Application (see below). The application also requires students to submit on official letterhead of the sponsoring organization a signed statement from the practicum supervisor stating 1) confirmation that you have been accepted to participate in this practicum, 2) all duties associated with the internship, if applicable, 3) the number of total hours you will serve in the practicum, 4) the amount of hours per week you will serve for the practicum, 5) the start and completion dates of the practicum, 6) names and contact information of relevant supervisors, and 7) compensation (if any) for duties performed.

The Associate Director of the Mahurin Honors College will review Honors Practicum Applications and enroll students directly into HON 250 or HON 350. Please feel free to discuss this process further with Susann Davis, the Associate Director of the Mahurin Honors College (susann.davis@wku.edu).

Honors Practicum Application


What is the deadline to submit the Honors Practicum Application?

Students must submit the completed Honors Practicum application by the first day of class during the semester in which they wish to take HON 250 or HON 350. However, students are strongly encouraged to submit the application as early as possible in order to ensure the practicum experience qualifies for HON 250 or HON 350. Completed applications can be dropped off as a hardcopy at the Mahurin Honors College main office or scanned and sent by email to susann.davis@wku.edu.


What do I need to know about HON 250 or HON 350?

Students will receive a letter grade for each course and successful completion of either requires not only submission of coursework but also a letter of evaluation from the supervisor of the practicum experience. Also, please note that HON 255 and HON 350 cannot be taken simultaneously. Additionally, students may take HON 250 or HON 350 in a semester that immediately follows the practicum experience but not by more than one subsequent semester. For example, a student who completes an practicum experience in a summer semester may take HON 250 or HON 350 in the fall semester afterward but not during the following spring. HON 250 or HON 350 must touch the semester in which the practicum experience took place. 


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