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What is an Honors Internship?


Internships are considered a High-Impact Practice that help students acquire new knowledge and skills by engaging in intensive, organized learning experiences outside of the classroom. Internships allow practical application of students’ disciplinary knowledge and help students develop professional contacts. Mahurin Honors College students have the opportunity to enroll in an honors internship course (HON 275 or HON 375) and receive honors credit for their participation in an approved supervised internship experience. The Mahurin Honors College does not locate and secure internships for students; however, students may speak with their Honors advisor to learn more about internships and procedures to find an appropriate one.

Students may only enroll in HON 275 or HON 375 if they participate in a specialized, employment-based opportunity that is monitored and constructed to produce specific outcomes related directly to an academic field. Thus, regular employment that a student may have outside of coursework is not eligible to be an honors internship course.

Students must work a minimum of 150 hours within the selected organization during a semester to be eligible to take HON 275 or HON 375. Students who wish to enroll in an Honors Internship course for one semester will enroll in HON 275; students who are enrolling for a second semester of Honors Internship credit will enroll in HON 375. The second semester of internship credit may be gained from either the same internship that continues into a subsequent semester or an entirely different internship opportunity.


How do I enroll in an Honors Internship course?

To enroll in an Honors Internship course (HON 275 or HON 375), students must submit the Honors Internship Application (see below). The application also requires students to submit on official letterhead of the sponsoring organization a signed statement from the internship supervisor stating 1) confirmation that you have been accepted to participate in this internship, 2) all duties associated with the internship, 3) the number of total hours you will serve in the internship, 4) the amount of hours per week you will serve for the internship, 5) the start and completion dates of the internship, 6) names and contact information of relevant supervisors, and 7) compensation (if any) for duties performed.

The Associate Director of the Mahurin Honors College will review Honors Internship Applications and enroll students directly into HON 275 or HON 375. Please feel free to discuss this process further with the Dr. Christopher Keller, the Associate Director of the Mahurin Honors College, (christopher.keller@wku.edu) or with your Mahurin Honors College Academic Advisor (siera.bramschreiber@wku.edu or sharon.leone@wku.edu).

Honors Internship Application


What is the deadline to submit the Honors Internship Application?

Students must submit the completed Honors Internship application by the first day of class during the semester in which they wish to take HON 275 or HON 375. However, students are strongly encouraged to submit the application as early as possible in order to ensure the internship experience qualifies for HON 275 or HON 375. Completed applications can be dropped off as a hardcopy at the Mahurin Honors College main office or scanned and sent by email to christopher.keller@wku.edu.


What do I need to know about HON 275 or HON 375?

More information about HON 275 and HON 375 can be found in the course syllabi below. Students will receive a letter grade for each course and successful completion of either requires not only submission of coursework but also a letter of evaluation from the supervisor of the internship experience. Also, please note that HON 275 and HON 375 cannot be taken simultaneously. Additionally, students may take HON 275 or HON 375 in a semester that immediately follows the internship experience but not by more than one subsequent semester. For example, a student who completes an internship experience in a summer semester may take HON 275 or HON 375 in the fall semester afterward but not during the following spring. HON 275 or HON 375 must touch the semester in which the internship experience took place.

HON 275 Syllabus

HON 375 Syllabus


What if I cannot take HON 275 or HON 375 during the time it is offered?

The Mahurin Honors College typically offers HON 275 and HON 375 during time slots that are not common (e.g., Wednesdays during late afternoon) to try to avoid conflicts with students’ other courses at more popular times. However, occasionally some students do still have a time conflict. When this happens, please let Dr. Christopher Keller know about the conflict and whether it is unresolvable (christopher.keller@wku.edu). In some cases, HON 275 and HON 375 might be set to meet at an alternative time, though this is handled on a case-by-case basis.

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