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Honors Augmentation Contract

What is an Honors Augmentation?

  • An alternative to Honors stand-alone courses or Honors Enriched Embedded Courses (HEECs) as a way to earn Honors credit in major and minor areas.
  • A chance to develop a unique creative and/or academic honors experience in a non-honors course in a collaborative environment with a faculty member.

Important Information:

  • Only upper-division (300- & 400-level) courses can be augmented. 
  • Augmentation due dates in fall and spring semester are the end of the third week of class. Summer and winter term deadlines are the end of the first week of class. Specific dates and times will be made available on the Mahurin Honors College page calendar.
  • Students must earn an “A” or “B” in a course to count it for Honors credit.
    • In accordance with the WKU COVID-19 grading changes, for the Spring 2020 semester, students that receive a "P" will also  have the course count for Honors credit.
  • Honors Augmentations must be completed to earn Honors credit for a study abroad course of less than a semester (summer/winter term trips).

*Please note that the HAC will have to be approved by both the professor and department head before the HAC deadline. Allow appropriate time for this form to arrive at the Mahurin Honors College.

  • Familiarize yourself with the syllabus of the class you would like to augment, the Honors Augmentation Contract (HAC) eSignature form (found at the bottom of this page), and the Augmentation Best Practices attachment (found at the bottom of this page).
  • Within the first two weeks of class, students should approach their professor prepared to discuss possible options for augmentation projects. Projects are expected to be relevant to the specific student’s interest, hands-on, experiential, and applied in nature.
  • Once an appropriate project is decided upon, the student and professor discuss the questions outlined on the HAC.
  • The student will then fill out the HAC and send it on to the professor.
  • Students can apply for an Honors Development Grant (HDG) for up to $500 to support their research, travel, or material needs to conduct Honors Augmentation projects.
  • HACs submitted by the deadline will be approved by the Mahurin Honors College Associate Director. Augmentation Contracts are evaluated for clarity and fullness in describing the project, creativity and student engagement, and clearly connecting to—but going beyond—the course's typical requirements.
  • Students will be notified via their WKU email address if their HAC is approved or needs to be revised.
  • At the end of the semester, faculty will mark on TopNet if the student successfully completed his or her HAC at the same time final grades are due.  
  • Please note that the Mahurin Honors College receives about 225 Honors Augmentation Contract applications each semester, so it can take about three weeks before students are notified of their approval.
  • Your course instructor decides if and how your HAC counts for your course grade.
  • Many instructors substitute one or more class assignments for the HAC, thus making it simple to integrate the HAC into the course grade.
  • Some instructors chose to have the HAC only count for Honors credit. Thus, the HAC would have no bearing on the course's grade and would only affect whether or not the student receives Honors credit for the course.
  • Failure to successfully complete a contracted HAC may dissuade the course instructor or other instructors in your major or minor departments from agreeing to sponsor future HACs.
  • If the project is not complete according to the contracted terms by the end of the semester in which he or she is enrolled in the course, then the student will not receive Honors credit for the course. If the HAC is part of the student's course grade, then the student will not receive credit for this portion of his or her grade.
  • If the student believes there are legitimate extenuating circumstances preventing his or her HAC from being completed, then he or she may petition the course instructor for an extension. If the instructor agrees, then the instructor must notify Mahurin Honors College Associate Director in writing about the extension, the new due date, and inform the Mahurin Honors College when the project is completed . Without a written extension from the instructor and written notification of the project's successful completion by the new deadline, the Mahurin Honors College will not grant Honors credit for the course.
  • Field-based projects, including observations and field research
  • Presentation projects (presentation to class, conference, or third party)
  • Supplemental reading
  • Writing projects
  • Performance projects
  • Community engagement projects
  • Lab research projects

*For any other questions pertaining to Honors Augmentation Contracts please contact honors@wku.edu.



Mahurin Honors College Augmentation Contract Application (E-Signature Form)


Access the eSignature form by logging in using your NetID and password. A student will fill out the required fields with the details of his or her Augmentation project; once the student has completed the form, he or she will type the instructor's email in the box at the bottom of the page to email the form to the instructor. Once the HAC is emailed to the instructor, the instructor can review the proposed project and then email it to the department head via the same method of including the department head's email in the box at the bottom of the form, which serves as the instructor's "e-signature." Likewise, the department head can then email the HAC to the Mahurin Honors College, which serves as the department head's endorsement.

You can also check on the progress of the forwarded forms through the sent form archive.

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