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Academic Advising

General Honors Advising

Please view the Honors College Good Standing Policy to understand what is required of an Honors student to stay in good standing and Honors College Curriculum for an overview of the requirements that must be met to graduate from the Honors College.


Course Eligibility

  • First-time freshmen who are accepted into the Honors College or who have been placed on the Honors College Waiting List are eligible to take any course with an Honors designation.
  • First-time freshmen who are not accepted into the Honors College may still enroll in Honors courses in their first semester at WKU if they meet the requirements on the following sliding scale:

Minimum 27 ACT/1210 SAT AND a high school GPA greater than 3.6; or
Minimum 29 ACT/1290 SAT AND a high school GPA greater than 3.2.

  • Current Honors College students in good standing or newly admitted current or transfer students are eligible to take any course with an Honors designation.
  • Current WKU students who are not a part of the Honors College may still enroll in Honors courses with a minimum 3.2 cumulative college GPA or permission of the instructor.


Advising Tips and Reminders

  • To be eligible to participate in priority registration, a student must be in Good Standing and complete academic advising by the specified date.
  • When selecting Honors courses for each semester, keep in mind that it is easier to take more Honors courses in the first two years while taking general education courses and prerequisites.
  • Students should not skip over taking a course with the mind set, “I’ll just take it next semester!”  Not all Honors courses are offered every semester. There is always a chance that the professor who previously taught it won’t be here next semester or that a department will decide to start offering a different course instead.
  • Do not encourage a student to enroll in an Honors Colloquium course for his or her freshman year, or wait until his or her last semester to take one. Our list of Honors Colloquia courses changes every semester, so it is easy for students to put off taking one until the “perfect” one comes along.  Waiting until the perfect Colloquia is offered, though, may not always coordinate with other scheduling requirements. Students on the Honors College Curriculum and Honors Program Curriculum tracks are required to take at least 3 hours of Honors Colloquia courses but can take up to 9 hours. Any hours taken over the 3 hour minimum will count towards the Honors Upper Division Electives curriculum requirement.
  • Upper-division courses can be augmented to allow students to earn Honors hours. Augmenting courses can be done as soon and as often as a students feels it is necessary. Details about the augmentation of classes can be found on the augmentation contract page.

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