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Mahurin Honors College at WKU

Directions to Campus


IF YOU ARE TRAVELING NORTH ON I-65 (from Nashville):

  1. Take exit #20B for the William H. Natcher Parkway (towards Owensboro).
  2. Take exit #7 off the William H. Natcher Parkway for US-68/80.
  3. Turn right off the exit ramp.
  4. You will travel approximately 2 miles, go under a train trestle and come to a stop light at University Boulevard.
  5. Turn left on University Boulevard and stay in the right lane.
  6. You will pass our baseball field, football stadium, and basketball arena (all on your right). Just past the basketball arena will be a parking structure at a stop light intersection; go straight at this stop light while still staying in the right lane.
  7. Approximately two blocks up the street on your right you will see the entrance into our Alumni Square Garage. Park in this parking structure and proceed into the adjacent Augenstein Alumni Center in to meet your Honors tour guide. Parking validation passes will be provided.


IF YOU ARE TRAVELING SOUTH ON I-65 (from Louisville):

  1. Take exit #26 for US-234 (Cemetery Rd).
  2. Turn right off the exit ramp.
  3. Continue travelling for 2.3 miles until you reach the intersection of US-234 and US-31W. Continue past this intersection and keep to the left lane.
  4. After passing a stop light and two stop signs, turn left at the next stop light, which puts you onto Adams/Kentucky Street, and stay in the left lane.
  5. After traveling approximately one mile, turn left onto Alumni Ave.
  6. After reaching a stop sign, turn left onto Kentucky Street and stay in the right lane. Quickly make the next right which takes you to our Alumni Square Garage.
  7. Park in this parking structure and proceed into the adjacent Augenstein Alumni Center to meet your Honors tour guide. Parking validation passes will be provided.



  1. Take exit #7 off the William H. Natcher Parkway for US-68/80 
  2. Turn left off the exit ramp 
  3. From this point, follow the same directions for people traveling north on I-65 beginning with step #4.


*If you are utilizing a GPS system, the approximate address for our Alumni Square Garage is 1337 Kentucky St, Bowling Green, KY 42101*




Visitors should park in the Alumni Square Garage, adjacent to the Augenstein Alumni Center. Parking validation passes will be provided by the Honors College following your VIP Visit. 

Please feel free to call the Honors College at 270-745-2081 if you have any trouble on the day of your visit.


Campus Map

Campus Map


Numerical Index

1 Augenstein Alumni Center / WKU Welcome Center
2 WKU Apartments / Alumni Square Garage
3 Kentucky Street Apartments
4 Suzanne Vitale Clinical Education Complex
5 Felts Log House
6 Kentucky Museum in the Kentucky Building
7 Rodes Harlin Hall
8 Pioneer Log Cabin
9 McCormack Hall
10 Gilbert Hall
11 Central Heat Plant
12 Parking Structure No. 1 (PS1); Facilities Management, WKU Police
13 Diddle Arena (Academic/Athletic Bldg. No. 1)
14 Parking Structure No. 2 (PS2)
15 Houchens Industries L.T. Smith Stadium (Academic/Athletic Bldg. No. 2)
16 Track & Field Complex
17 Baseball/Softball Hitting Facility
18 Paul C. Orberson Baseball Clubhouse
19 Nick Denes Field
20 Service/Supply Building
21 Softball Field
22 Soccer Field
23 Jones Jaggers Hall
24 Zacharias Hall
25 Meredith Hall
26 Keen Hall
27 Tower Court (Food Court)
28 Pearce-Ford Tower
29 Poland Hall
30 Raymond B. Preston Health & Activities Center
Barnes-Campbell Hall
32 Bemis Lawrence Hall
33 Health Services
34 Tate Page Hall
35 Guthrie Tower
36 Mass Media & Technology Hall
37 Chilled Water Plant
38 Academic Complex
39 Downing Student Union
40 Minton Hall
41 Southwest Hall
42 Northeast Hall
43 Bates Runner Hall
44 McLean Hall
45 Grise Hall
46 Carol Martin Gatton Academy of Mathematics & Science in Kentucky/ Florence Schneider Hall
47 Craig Administration Building
48 Chandler Memorial Chapel
49 College Heights Foundation
50 Wetherby Administration Building
51 Amphitheatre and William "Gander" Terry Colonnade
Ivan Wilson Fine Arts Center
53 Music Hall
54 Raymond Cravens Library
55 Helm Library/Confucius Institute
56 Industrial Education Building
57 Garrett Conference Center & Food Court
58 Potter Hall
Van Meter Hall
Gordon Wilson Hall
61 Cherry Hall
62 Faculty House
63 College High Hall
64 Honors College/Office of Scholar Development
65 Thompson Complex North Wing (closed)
66 Thompson Complex (Central Wing)
67 Snell Hall
68 Hardin Planetarium
69 Engineering and Biological Sciences
70 Greenhouses
71 Environmental Sciences and Technology Building
72 Women's Studies Center
73 Sofia-Downing International Center
74 Honors College and International Center (Under construction, 2015 Completion)
75 Adams-Whitaker Student Publications Center
76 Gary A. Ransdell Hall
77 Floral Design Center
78 President's Residence
79 Environment, Health and Safety
ALIVE Center
81 Erskine House
82 Office of Sustainability
83 Doctoral Studies and Applied Research
84 Training and Technical Assistance Services
85 WKU Store at 2315 Nashville Road
86 South Campus; South Campus Academic Wing; Knicely Conference Center; Division of Extended Learning and Outreach (DELO)
87 Parking and Transportation Services
88 Center for Research and Development


89 Sigma Nu
90 Sigma Alpha Epsilon
91 Sigma Chi
Kappa Alpha Order
Phi Delta Theta
94 Wesley Methodist Foundation
95 Catholic Campus Center
96 Sigma Phi Epsilon
97 Pi Kappa Alpha
98 Alpha Gamma Rho
99 Lambda Chi Alpha
100 Chi Omega
101 Hilltoppers for Christ
102 Alpha Gamma Delta
103 Farm House Fraternity
104 Sigma Kappa
105 Phi Mu
106 Alpha Delta Pi
107 Kappa Delta
108 Alpha Omicron Pi
109 Baptist Campus Ministries
110 Christian Student Fellowship
111 Kappa Sigma (not shown)
112 Phi Gamma Delta (not shown)


Alphabetical Index

Academic Complex, 38
Adams-Whitaker Student Publications Center, 75
Administration Building, Wetherby, 50
ALIVE Center, 80
Alumni Center, Augenstein, 1
Alumni Square Garage / WKU Apartments, 2
Amphitheatre, William "Gender" Terry Colonnade, 51
Arts, Ivan Wilson Fine Arts Center, 52
Augenstein Alumni Center, WKU Welcome Center, 1
Barnes-Campbell Hall, 31
Baseball Clubhouse, Paul C. Orberson, 18
Baseball Field, Nick Denes, 19
Baseball/Softball Hitting Facility, 17
Bates Runner Hall, 43
Bemis Lawrence Hall, 32
Carol Martin Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science in Kentucky, 46
Center for Research and Development, 88
Central Heat Plant, 11
Chandler Memorial Chapel, 48
Cherry Hall, 61
Chilled Water Plant, 37
Clinical Education Complex, Suzanne Vitale, 4
College Heights Foundation, 49
College High Hall, 63
Colonnade, Amphitheatre/William "Gander" Terry, 51
Confucius Institute at Helm Library, 55
Craig Administration Building, 47
Diddle Arena (Academic-Athletic Building No. 1), 13
Doctoral Studies and Applied Research, 83
Downing Student Union and Student Support Services, 39
Engineering and Biological Sciences, 69
Environment, Health and Safety, 79
Environmental Sciences and Technology Building, 71
Erskine House, 81
Facilities Management, 12
Faculty House, 62
Felts Log House, 5
Floral Design Center, 77
Florence Schneider Hall, 46
Football Stadium, Houchens Industries L.T. Smith (Academic-Athletic Building No. 2), 15
Garrett Conference Center & Food Court, 57
Gary A. Ransdell Hall, 76
Gatton Academy, Carol Martin Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science in Kentucky, 46
Gilbert Hall, 10
Gordon Wilson Hall, 60
Greenhouses, 70
Grise Hall, 45
Guthrie Tower, 35
Hardin Planetarium, 68
Health Services, 33
Helm Library, 55
Honors College & International Center (under construction), 74
Honors College/Office of Scholar Development, 64
Houchens Industries L.T. Smith Stadium (Academic-Athletic Building No. 2), 15
Industrial Education Building, 56
International Center, Sofia-Downing, 73
Ivan Wilson Fine Arts Center, 52
Jones Jaggers Hall, 23
Keen Hall, 26
Kentucky Museum, in the Kentucky Building, 6
Kentucky Street Apartments, 3
Library, Helm, 55
Library, Raymond Cravens, 54
Mass Media & Technology Hall, 36
McCormack Hall, 9
McLean Hall, 44
Meredith Hall, 25
Minton Hall, 40
Music Hall, 53
Nice Denes Field, 19
Northeast Hall, 42
Parking and Transportation Services, 87
Parking Structure No. 1, 12
Parking Structure No. 2, 14
Pearce-Ford Tower, 28
Pioneer Log Cabin, 8
Planetarium, Hardin, 68
Poland Hall, 29
Police Building,12
Potter Hall, 58
President’s Residence, 78
Preston Health and Activities Center, 30
Raymond Cravens Library, 54
Rodes Harlin Hall, 7
Scholar Development, Office of, 64
Service/Supply Building, 20
Snell Hall, 67
Soccer Field, 22
Sofia-Downing International Center, 73
Softball Field, 21
South Campus
- South Campus Academic Wing, 86
- Carroll Knicely Conference Center, 86
- Division of Extended Learning and Outreach, 86
Southwest Hall, 41
Student Publications Center, Adams-Whitaker, 75
Student Support Services, Downing University Center, 39
Student Union, Downing, 39
Sustainability, Office of, 82
Suzanne Vitale Clinical Education Complex, 4
Tate Page Hall, 34
Thompson Complex (Central Wing), 66
Thompson Complex (North Wing), 65
Tower Court, (Food Court) 27
Track and Field Complex, 16
Training and Technical Assistance Services, 84
University Center, Downing Student Union The WKU Store, 39
Van Meter Hall, 59
Welcome Center in the Augenstein Alumni Center, 1
Wetherby Administration Building, 50
WKU Apartments / Alumni Square Garage, 2
WKU Store at Nashville Road, 85
Women’s Studies Center, 82
Zacharias Hall, 24



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