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Policies & Procedures

Dance Studio:

  • No food or beverages are allowed in the studios, except for water in a closed plastic container.
  • Participants are highly encouraged to arrive to class on time. Late arriving participants may be denied entry to any class, at the instructor's discretion, due to the importance of a sufficient warm-up period.
  • It is highly recommended that participants stay for the entire class to ensure the proper cool-down phase of class.
  • All participants in group fitness classes must be 14 years of age or older.
  • Soft-soled, closed-toed athletic shoes are required for all cardiovascular and resistance training classes. Hard-soled, closed-toed athletic shoes or cycling shoes are recommended for all cycling classes. Shoe removal may be appropriate in yoga and pilates classes.
  • Personal belongings are not allowed in the fitness studios. Coin return lockers are located on the first floor and daily lockers are available in all locker rooms. The Intramural-Recreational Sports Staff is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • All accidents, injuries, or equipment irregularities must be reported to the Building Supervisor immediately.
  • Towels are recommended for all classes and may be picked up from the front desk.
  • Water bottles are hightly encouraged for Cycling classes.
  • All patrons must comply with staff requests. Instructors have authority over all room conduct and use of equipment. Failure to comply may result in suspension of facility privileges.
  • All equipment must remain in the studios and must be returned to its proper location after use. Equipment from other areas may not be brought into the studios. All equipment should be used for the manner for which it is designed.
  • To enter a class, participants must wait outside of the of the studio until the instructor allows everyone inside. Please form lines going toward the end of the hallway; participants may not save spaces in line for friends or save equipment.
  • Class entry is on a drop-in basis and will be open on a first-come, first-served basis. Class size is limited to 21 participants in Cycling classes, and 75 participants or instructor's discretion in all other classes.
  • All Group Fitness classes are free and only require proper access to the facility.
  • Intramural-Recreational Sports Department reserves the right to cancel any class on the basis of low attendance or registration.

Yoga Etiquette:

  • Please do your best to arrive on time. The breath work at the beginning of class is crucial in allowing us to clear our minds of the daily clutter and prepare mentally for class. The warm-up series is extremely important. Practicing our Yoga Poses when muscles are adequately warm is proven to increase flexibility and greatly lowers the risk of injury.
  • If you must arrive after class has begun, (door is closed) please wait for opening meditation to conclude, (when you hear movement) before entering and then do so as quietly as possible.
  • Class will be closed to late commers 5 minutes after class has begun. The warm-up is extremely important in order to practice safely and without injury.
  • Please turn cell phones OFF, no exceptions. There is no acceptable circumstance for a ringing cell phone during asana the class. Since we know that our yoga practice is about building stronger minds as well as bodies and learning to tune into our bodies communication, ringing cell phones can be very distracting to other participants.
  • If you must leave class before the class is over, please take an early relaxation, which will alret the instructor of your planned early exit.
  • We encourage you to bring your own yoga mat if attending consistently. The mast proviced are intended for participants new to yoga.
  • Please wipe down borrowed mats after each use with gym wipes provided. This helps to cut down on the spread of germs and is respectful to the next person who uses that mat.

Indoor Cycling:

  • Due to limited class size, please be on time to class. The warm-up is an important part of the class and aids in the prevention of injury. Lateness to class is both a safety issue and a distraction to others.  
  • At the end of class, each participant is required to wipe off the bike seat, handle bars, and frame. Please use the gym wipes provided in the Dance Studio.
  • If you are new, pregnant, or have any injuries, please inform the instructor prior to class.
  • Remember to always work at your own pace.  


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