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Class Descriptions


Aqua Fit

If you need a class that is low impact on your joints but still combines challenging resistance training and aerobic conditioning exercises, jump in the pool with us! You will do basic high and low impact movements along with abdominal toning and stretching exercises.

Arms & Abs

Strengthen and tone your upper body and core in this invigorating class using body weight resistance, dumbbells, body bars, resistance bands, and so much more!

Awesome Abs

Tone up that mid section with this efficient 30 minute blast to your core muscles that gets your heart rate up and your Abs Awesome.

Cardio Craze

Come to this class ready to work! You may be using a step, dumbbells, medicine balls, or all of the above! This cardio workout will challenge you in a fun, energetic way through music and exciting choreography!

Cycle X 30

Let the music push you through a fun, multi-terrain ride using various training drills for speed, strength, and endurance. Your hard work will create muscle tone and strength in your legs while improving your heart and lung function during a 30 minute ride.


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) will push you through intense 2 minute blocks of cardio and strength training exercises using your body weight as resistance. Guaranteed to make you sweat and push your training to the MAX!  HIIT is self paced which is great for any fitness level!

Insanity Live

Push yourself through cardio intervals, fully body strength, and athletic drills to achieve great fat burning & muscle building results in this patented and proven high intensity workout. The same program from the DVD set is now available live!

Reps & Sets

Target your muscles from head-to-toe with this non-aerobic strength training session using a variety of equipment each session. Strengthen your body by alternating between upper and lower body exercises that will challenge your muscles to their strength limits!

Yoga Tone

Combine the mind-body movements of yoga and the muscle toning of strength training. Yoga Tine will allow you to enhance your balance, flexibility and strength while you work off the stress of the day. All experience levels are encouraged to come and work at their own pace and intensity.


Focus on nourishing your mind and body while flowing from pose to pose. You will leave feeling your muscles lengthened, refreshed, and energized.


Zumba is a high energy class that gives a mix of Latin Dance and Body Sculpting Aerobic intervals. You'll be having so much fun moving, you'll forget your actually working out!

Totally Toned

Abs? Quads? Biceps? You name it, we'll tone it! Work your muscles in every way possible in this class designed to build strength and add definition to your muscles. All fitness levels welcome! Let's get stronger together!


Kickboxing is an upbeat and high energy class that uses kickboxing moves to increase cardio fitness and sculpt lean muscles. Punch and move to the beat of the music and you’ll be beggin’ for more!


An innovative & dynamic workout that improves muscular endurance, flexibility, posture, and core strength. Leave this class feeling lean, strong, and ready for anything!

Butt & Guts:

Tone and tighten all regions of the core and lower body with this 30 minute class! Focus on sculpting the abs, glutes, legs, inner thighs, and lower back!




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