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Hardin Planetarium at Western Kentucky University


Testimonials From Our Audiences


Motions in the Sky


"Fourth grade just wanted to say, “Thank you”! We enjoyed both programs today and the students really did pick up on the concepts being covered.  Both programs aligned with our common core standards and were exciting to the students!  Also, the teachers enjoyed coming back with a new idea (handmade blocks to promote deep thought). Again, thank you for your time!  Hope to visit again!!!!!!"

Joyce Taylor
Auburn Elementary
Auburn, KY  42206


"Thanks again for an outstanding presentation!!!! The children enjoyed the show so much. They are still talking about it and asking questions. Thanks for sparking their interest. You did an awesome job in relating to our students on their level while still presenting the material in a fun way. Certainly was a kid friendly presentation. I will certainly bring other classes back in future years. I had been there several years ago and the show was so boring that almost all of the students fell asleep. This certainly was not the case. They loved it and thanks again for taking time out of your busy schedule to accommodate us. Keep up the outstanding job for our little space students."

Mrs. Harpe
South Green Elementary
Glasgow, KY


"We just wanted to thank you all so much for having our kiddos . . .  The kids are still talking about their "magic beads" and all of the wonderful things they were able to see in the night sky.  You all do a wonderful job at the planetarium, and we certainly appreciate the time you take to enrich the lives of our kids.  Thanks!"

Mrs. Metcalfe
Auburn Elementary
Auburn, KY


"Thank you! The children loved the presentation. I spent a lot of time in the planetarium when I was a student at WKU, so it has fond memories for me. We appreciate you taking the time to bring their textbooks to life."
Vickie Hunter
Guidance Counselor
Tamarack Elementary
Daviess County, KY


"Thank you so much for the time you spent with our 2nd grade students at the Planetarium. They really enjoyed the presentation and learned so much about constellations and the pattern of the sun as it moves across the sky.  Thank you so much for giving your time and being so great! "

Keely Pool and Carrie Koedyker
Bridges Program
Bowling Green Independent School District, KY

Starry Tales

"I would like to thank you very much for your time today. The boys really enjoyed their visit. They were super excited to share their new knowledge with our staff that did not go on our field trip. It will make a lasting impression on their lives. From all of us at The Life Connection thanks again for your time."

Shannon Penna,
The Life Connection,
Sonora KY


"I am one of the homeschool moms that had the great pleasure of visiting the planetarium this morning on Monday, the 18th of November. I just wanted to thank you for your flexibility with us as most of us were driving from Owensboro and running quite a bit late! We all appreciated your patience with us, and thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. We just absolutely loved how you organized each family to name the stars, come up with a short story, give a mini presentation/description of it, and then recognize the patterns they learned in the sky. It was a fun morning and we were all blessed by it. Thank you for your time and the work you do in motivating others to learn more about our beautiful world."  

Kristin Stedman  
Classical Conversations Homeschool group
Owensboro, KY


Curiosity on Mars


"On behalf of the students and staff at Jackson Academy, I would like to thank you for your presentation on Mars at our school this past Friday. It was very informative and the students enjoyed being a part of the demonstrations. It definitely got them to thinking, as later in the day they were still making comments about it and asking "what If" questions. We look forward to having you return again sometime during the spring semester if possible.
Thanks again for your time and expertise."

Ramona Norris
Jackson Academy High School


SpaceShip Earth

Eggs, Galaxies, and Humanity.

September 19, 2013

"It was a crisp overcast morning when I headed toward the Planetarium. For once in my life I was about 15 minutes early, mainly because I wasn't sure where exactly I was going. I walk in the side door with my coffee in hand only to see the dreaded "No food or drink" sign, I then hear the voices of my class mates and round the corner to find them and we head into the planetarium. (after chugging my coffee) We each choose a seat on some of the more comfortable seats I've sat in while viewing any type of educational presentation. The presentation beings and I notice how all of my class mates lay their heads back and I begin to do the same, keeping in mind that the polite thing to do here would be to stay awake. As an open to the "Spaceship Earth" show, our ship pilot begins to sing a Monty Python song about the universe, and I couldn't help but wonder if he sings this in his home. Possibly while showering or making breakfast in the morning, dancing along to the tune carrying informative words about galaxies and stars, frying eggs or shampooing his hair. That's what I love about passionate people, you can see it practically radiate from their soul through their features and body language. You just can't deny it. While I picture him singing through his morning routines, he beings to speak of the vastness of our existence. He informs us of all the other galaxies, solar systems, and stars there are in our constantly expanding universe. He continues to go into scientific depth, but throughout the day that has stuck with me and I cannot seem to shake it. We are surrounded by hundreds, possibly thousands, of other universes. How is it that the majority of society is wrapped up in the latest gossip but isn't concerned about the other inhabitants of our planet? What are we waiting for? We are all part of the same organismal existence, and yet we let our planetary regional differences come in the way of making us a better whole. I thought about possible life on other planets and what their form of life would think of ours. Would they be kind as a whole or would they kill one another based solely on racial background and misunderstandings? It made me think about society, and our world. We have the power to make our existence a better one. To form a humanity that is kind, and a more eco-friendly planet. We're going to be around for a while, we might as well make our time an enjoyable one."

- Megan K. Cole on the show "SpaceShip Earth"


"Just wanted to thank you for the great show today.  It fell right in with our curriculum.  I actually have the galaxy song on cd and we've been listening to it. :D   I love monty python, although the kids are a bit young to watch it, my husband I do enjoy watching them :D  But the galaxy song was perfect.  Thanks and we hope to return, with our full group another time.  There seems to be a cold going around."

-Mrs. Ashleigh Ashley


"Thank you for such an interesting and enjoyable presentation today. The students seemed to really enjoy it!"

-Mrs. Chonda White

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