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The Romantic Planetarium!

Set the Right Mood and

Get the Answer You Want

when you Propose under the Stars
in the romantic Planetarium!


John Cook and Margy HerrinJohn Cooke wanted to set the stage for a surprise proposal to his intended, Margy Herren.  He worked with Planetarium staff to create a memorable surprise event for just himself and his bride-to-be, incorporating pictures from special dates in her life, music that brought back memories, and a special star show. And of course the grand finale was when John brought forth the engagement ring!


You can read the results for yourself:


"Thank you to you and your crew for the spectacular “special showing” on Sunday!  What a wonderfully romantic way to get engaged.  I can’t believe that John hired a planetarium; who knew you do that?  I will say that I was in total shock seeing old photos and memories on that big dome.  And then for you to show what the sky looked like on those days was incredible.  I thought, “what a nice gesture”.  But the conclusion was a total delightful surprise for me. 

Saying thank you seems so inadequate.  I truly appreciate your effort and involvement in our momentous life changing event.  It would be AWESOME to see other couples have this or a similar experience at your facility. 

Margy Herren"


"Margy will be emailing you with her heart felt appreciation for your help.    She said on the way back that she was so stunned and thrilled with the entire event that she felt she didn’t give you the proper thanks.   She also did not realize how much you were involved in making this thing go until I explained how I did it on the trip back.   Margy is a true extrovert and has an always bubbly personality but we made her speechless.

Thanks for all you did,
John Cooke"



When Shane Muncy wanted to create the perfect romantic evening to propose to his beautiful bride-to-be Cassi, he came to the Planetarium. With the help of his family and Planetarium staff, Shane designed the perfect dinner under the stars, complete with special star show, which culminated with a successful proposal.  




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For more information about creating a custom-designed event at the Planetarium for that special moment in your life, email us, or call the Planetarium at 270-745-4044.  We'll create a celebration for you and your family and friends you'll never forget!


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