Western Kentucky University

The Graduate School - Deposition of Theses, Dissertations, and Specialist Projects

  1. The student successfully defends the project in front of the committee (or equivalent).
  2. The committee and student will review the document for accurate content, correct spelling, grammar and formatting. Please consult the formatting guidelines.
  3. The student ensures the document is complete by reviewing the Format Checklist.
  4. The student obtains signatures of the committee on the signature page of the document. Note: The Form E cannot substitute for the signature page; the graduate adviser must separately submit the Form E to the Graduate School. Also, the adviser is responsible for submitting grades for 599,699, and 799 courses at this time.
  5. The student submits an electronic copy of the document (and any supporting files) to the college reader.
  6. The college reader will review the document for consistency of style and appropriate formatting. The college reader may also review for proper spelling, grammar and sentence structure. If the college reader determines the document contains errors, the document will be returned for correction. The student must make the necessary corrections and re-submit the document to the college reader.
  7. Upon approval, the college reader will notify the student and the student will forward an electronic copy of the document by email to the Graduate School (graduate.records@wku.edu). Acceptable formats include: doc(x), rtf, odt, or pdf. The student should also attach any associated files they wish to deposit with the document.
  8. Hardcopies of the following must also be provided to the Graduate School (207 WAB):
    • Thesis/ Project/ Dissertation Authorization Form, complete with the student signature.
    • At least one original, completed signature page. Multiple, original signature pages (for forwarding to the bindery) are accepted and signed by the Dean, the Graduate School. Original signature pages are available for pick-up by the student in 207 WAB for one (1) year following deposition.
  9. The signed signature page will be imaged and electronically inserted into the document.
  10. The Graduate School will forward the complete document (with inserted signature page) and associated files to:
    • the WKU library for publication on TopScholar.
    • the student (if binding is desired, this file is the appropriate file for uploading to the bindery)
    • the respective department or program
 Last Modified 4/7/14