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The Graduate School - Graduate Teaching Associate

The Graduate Teaching Associate designation (GTA) signifies that a graduate teaching assistant has met the University's requirement to serve as instructor of record for lower division courses (courses numbered 100-299). The GTA designation is usually earned in the second year and an additional stipend is paid for each course. GTA teaching must be conducted under direct supervision of a faculty member.

Program Objectives:

  • To prepare graduate students for successful teaching experiences
  • To ensure graduate student teachers are exposed to the fundamentals of good teaching practices and relevent campus resources.
  • To document the graduate student's personal accomplishment
  • To ensure appropriate documentation is maintained for the University accreditation processes.

The following must be completed prior to application:

  • Completion of 18 graduate hours in the major with a GPA of at least 3.0, and
    • Completion of the Basic Skills in College Teaching Program (BSCT) offered by the Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching (FaCET). Topics focus on strategies for successful teaching at the collegiate level. Students earn credit by completing three on-line modules plus three elective activities. Contact FaCET by e-mail: facet@wku.edu or at  (270) 745-6508, or
    • Completion of any appropriate departmental teacher training programs or, if none is offered, a full semester course in teaching resulting in at least one earned graduate credit

Application and Approval Process:

  1. The application should be made in the same semester the 18 hrs of graduate credit is completed but following the completion of the Basic Skills in College Teaching Program.
  2. Student submits a completed Graduate Teaching Associate (GTA) Application, the Basic Skills in College Teaching Program Certificate of Completion, Curriculum Vitae and to the department Head
  3. Department head completes the checklist and, if acceptable, endorses the nomination then forwards to the college Dean.
  4. The college Dean approves the GTA application, if acceptable, and forwards the application to GSR.
  5. The Graduate Dean approves the GTA application, if acceptable. The decision of the Graduate Dean is final. Incomplete applications will be returned to the student for completion and will delay the approval process.
  6. The candidate will be notified by email.

Important Information:

  • Once recognized with the Graduate Teaching Associate designation, the honoree will receive an additional stipend, which is based on the clock hours (contact hours) of the course. Each clock hour is worth $100 hours (a maximum of $300 per course and a maximum of $600 for the term)
  • Graduate Teaching Associates may teach a maximum of two classes per semester, not to exceed a teaching load of 6 credit hours.
  • Graduate Teaching Associates must also enroll in appropriate graduate classes during the period of designation as a GTA. The combined load of teaching responsibilities and graduate course enrollment may not exceed 15 hours per semester.


Term student will be a GTA  Deadline for beginning BSCT
Fall June 1
Spring November 1
 Last Modified 4/7/14