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Keeling recognized by transport geographers with the Alan Hay Award
Cary brings GIS support to the Baker Arboretum.
Software Donation for Geology program
Gripshover speaks at Eastern Illinois University
GIS Student Awarded annual KAMP Scholarship
Meteorology Profile by Research Foundation

Groves reports to UNESCO in Paris on Mammoth Cave/WKU partnership
Meterorology major Logan Mitchell awarded Fulbright Scholarship
GIS students awarded Esri Conference scholarships
Ninth Annual Storm Chase heads to the Midwest
WKU CHNGES students/faculty partner on groundwater project.
Keeling completes 12th around-the-world expedition.


Polk and students featured on Science Friday episode
Geoscience faculty conduct research in Tonga
CHNGES faculty and students attend national conferences.
White Squirrel Weather celebrates one year of growth
Keeling returns from three-week Latin American expedition.
CHNGES students participate in Streamside Education Field Day.
CHNGES student conducts research on sustainable tourism in Iceland.
CHNGES becomes first international member of Icelandic Arctic Cooperation Network.
GIS Major is awarded annual KY Association of Mapping Professionals scholarship .
Geoscientists attend Water Professionals conference .
Geoscientists present research at International Speleology conference in Australia .
Geoscience students conduct summer research in Iceland
Department's CHNGES faculty and students conduct research in Vietnam .
Keeling lectures and conducts research on five continents during the summer. .
Meteorology Program hosts 5th Annual Weather Camp.
GIS Student Selected for Assistantship at ESRI International GIS Conference.
Geoscience Students Study Climate Change in Iceland.
Kentucky Farm Bureau profiles the Kentucky Mesonet
Geology major Deborah Flynn named Fulbright alternative
Geoscience student funded for research project in Ethiopia
Geology IBA team competes in international finals in Houston.
Lexington 8th grader wins Kentucky Geobee contest.
Congratulations to the six Geo students who won awards at the WKU Research Conference
Dr. Royhan Gani leads IBA team to victory in regional competition.
White Squirrel Weather staff attends FEMA training
Meteorology faculty/students conduct forensic assessment of storm
Two faculty mentors and four students to present research at the annual Posters at the Capitol
Evansville, IN, TV station starts using KY Mesonet data
GIS faculty and students attend regional meeting
Groves receives China's top science award.


Crowder appointed Editor-in-Chief of NAGT publication.
CHL Lab manager Lee Anne Bledsoe conducts training in Brazil
Dr Leslie North elected V-P of KAS Governing Board.
Groves reappointed to U.N. scientific board
Glen Conner honored by the Kentucky Historical Society
Second Mesonet station added in Shelby County
State Climatologist reports on early warnings of drought
Department Head completes 11th around-the-world expedition
Geoscience graduate student and faculty measuring glacial change in Iceland.
Meteorology launches White Squirrel Weather program.
Kentucky Speleological Society (KSS) holds annual meeting at WKU
Geographers host international landscape conference
Department Head presents research at international conference in London .
Geology major conducts summer research in Ethiopia, East Africa.
Geoscience faculty and students sample Icelandic glaciers
WKU Meteorology program completes another successful summer Storm-Chase program
WKU geologist leads team mapping Gulf of Mexico seabed
Cultural geographers conduct research in the UK to develop new Colonnade courses.
KY Mesonet explains record July rainfall.
New logo for the Kentucky Mesonet.
Keeling completes 10th circumnavigation of the planet
GIS faculty, students, and alumni attend annual Esri conference in San Diego.
GEO faculty, students, and alumni attend Kentucky Planning conference.
Annual Stormchase program heads west
Prospect 8th-grader wins annual Kentucky Geographic Bee
Honors student and Dr. Groves attend China Geoscience conference
Record Snowfall assessed by Kentucky Climate Center faculty.
Director of Icelandic Arctic Cooperation Network visits the Department.
Mesonet details record snowfall for Bowling Green
GIS senior awarded scholarship to attend Esri Federal GIS Conference.
Kentucky Mesonet launches Butler County site


Geoscience faculty honored at grants awards ceremony.
Mahmood analyzes Paris Climate talks
Mahmood interviewed on PBS about Paris Climate talks
KY Climate Center participates in Midwest Mesonet workshop.
Geology alumnus profiled in regional newspaper.
Faculty, students attend annual KAMP GIS Conference
Keeling completes Eastern Europe expedition.
Algeo and geoscience graduate student Eke present their research at the ICSR.
State Climatologist Stuart Foster previews an El Niño winter forecast.
Keeling presents research at international RGS conference
Geology major presents research at ACA conference - wins Pauling Poster prize.
GIS faculty, students, and alumni attend annual Esri conference in California
GEO student completes Iceland internship.
GEO-students and faculty participate in Arctic workshop in Iceland
Water Research Literacy Project in Africa
Geography majors win Lifetime Experience grants
Stormchasers featured on View from the Hill
Department faculty/students recognized with "Model Practices" designation for UnderBGKY work
Geoscientists develop research partnership with colleagues in Belize
The Kentucky Mesonet is installing a station new Woodbury in Butler County
Geoscience students awarded scholarships for annual ESRI GIS conference
CHAOS students take to the road to forecast and track summer storms
Geoscience students enjoy annual Spring field trip to the Ozarks
WKU Stormchasers prepare for 2015 summer program
CHAOS weather forecasting facility receives Data Visualization grant
Geoscience graduate student from Nepal is interviewed on WKYU-FM about earthquake
Caribbean Climate group to work with Geoscience faculty and students
Drs Polk and North in Belize to sign partnership MOU with the CCCCC
GIScience Club runs first annual Geocaching adventure
Groves to represent the U.S. on International Karst commission.
Department adds CHAOS weather observation and forecasting facility
Geoscientists meet with the President of Iceland as part of new MOA with that country
Drs Polk and North lead Iceland-WKU partnership MOA signing
Meteorology faculty and students at Ken-Ten Weather conference
Geoscience graduate student wins national research scholarship
Keeling continues Latin America transport research with Peru visit
Grad student eye-tracking research featured in Swedish publication
Geo-faculty appear in Weather Channel documentary on sinkholes
All quoted in article on Everest melting danger
Foster reports on Kentucky's record-breaking cold weather
Groves reports White Nose disease found in Crumps Cave.
State Climatologist Emeritus, Glen Conner, publishes book on the War of 1812.
GIS faculty now all have GISP national certification.
Geoscience graduate student awarded conference scholarship
GIS Center hosts regional KAMP meeting of GIS Professionals and students
GIS alumnus earns promotion to Senior GIS Professional


Drs North and Polk featured in latest Weather Channel Documentary on "Sinkholes"
Dr. Goodrich talks about early November Arctic blast
Keeling completes 8th around-the-world expedition
Groves attends UN-sponsored workshop in China
Geography graduate runs across Ethiopia to help AIDS awareness.
Meteorology student Logan Mitchell featured in cool promotional video
Polk quoted in article on caves and their show-cave potential
GIS students and faculty attend annual Kentucky GIS Conference
Geoscience team conducts water resource training in Jamaica
Water literacy research project in Africa
WKU Herald features Nahid Gani in a report on her research
Dobler finds passion and purpose in geography
Keeling attends Transport Geography journal editorial board meeting in London
Polk gives Corvette Museum talk titled Cars and Karst
Gani receives ACS-PRF grant to conduct research in Ethiopia.
Durkee featured in Bowling Green Daily News "Talk of the Town" segment.
Geoscience graduate student continues water literacy project in Africa
Celestian profiled in American Chemical Society report on cutting-edge research
Foster reports on unusually cool July in Kentucky
Geography team investigates agritourism development in Sicily
GIS major wins competitive KAMP state-wide scholarship
Keeling continues transportation research in rural England
Kentucky Mesonet aims to build local financial support around the state
Leslie North and Jason Polk lead Toppers-at-Sea Climate Change voyage in the north Atlantic
Chris Groves coordinates UN Water workshop in Turkey
John All rescued after crevasse fall in the Himalayas
GIS student awarded competitive Connected Nation scholarship
Stormchasers preparing for annual expedition across the Plains
GIS student selected for Esri conference scholarship
Rezaul Mahmood interviewed on WKYU-FM and others about the national Climate Change report
Nahid Gani to lecture at Blue Minds conference in England
Rezaul Mahmood works on committee that oversaw U.S. climate report
Dr All moves Himalaya research to new site after Everest avalanche
John All interviewed on Everest ice avalanche disaster
Jason Polk works with Corvette Museum on future of sinkhole
Leslie North featured in local newspaper Q&A session
Geology alums Powers and Flynn honored by NSF Fellowship awards
Climatologist offers perspective on Kentucky's weather extremes
Geoscience faculty, students, and partners conduct advanced groundwater monitoring at NCM.
Corbin 8th grader becomes Kentucky GeoBee champion - wins trip to Washington, D.C.
KY State finals of the 2014 National Geobee take place on April 4th at WKU
Dr. Rezaul Mahmood receives 2014 Ogden College Award for Research and Creative Activity
Petroleum technology lecture by AAPG Distinguished Speaker Dr Allison Kennedy Thurmond
Geology students explore the Mojave Basin during Spring Break
Keeling leads geography education workshop-seminar in Scarsdale, New York
Educational pictograms tested in water research in West Africa by Geoscience student
WKU meteorology major awarded internship with NASA program
John All and students help to clean up Bowling Green riverfront
Geology labs receive software donation to enhance research capacity
Keeling talks at Rotary Club about Balkan crisis
Geo-students and alumni help clean up Hidden River Cave with Green Grotto group
WKU karst faculty and students demonstrate expertise at Museum sinkhole site
Meteorology Faculty and Students attend annual AMS conference in Atlanta
WKU Karst team onsite at massive Corvette sinkhole
John All discusses expeditions to Everest and the Peruvian Andes
Jason Polk featured in BBC documentary on Florida Sinkholes
Keeling lectures on a 25,000-mile Cape to Cape expedition


Geoscientists attend annual GSA conference in Denver, CO.
Geoscientists attend the international conference on Speleology in the Czech Republic.
Geoscience faculty evaluate tourism caves in Europe
Geoscience students and faculty present research at annual KAS conference
Groves gives keynote lecture at annual KAS conference
Keeling completes 10-country Eastern European expedition
GIS faculty and students attend annual KY conference
All receives grant to continue research in the Peruvian Andes
Foster talks about the Kentucky Mesonet with WKYT in Hazard
Groves helps to develop Conservation Trust in South Central Kentucky
Goodrich reviews cooler, wetter summer of 2013
GIS Student receives scholarship from state mapping group.
Foster discusses Kentucky climate change data recorded by the KY Mesonet
Meteorology majors awarded national scholarships
WKU Geoscience graduate student interns at annual GIS conference
NWS promotes value of the Kentucky Mesonet
Dobler helps BRADD apply for Mesonet grant
Geoscience-geology students make presentations at oil and gas meeting
John All leads mountain expedition to Peru
GEO team visits Belize to develop research collaborations, educational programs
WKU Stormchasers document EF-4 tornado in Kansas
Stormchasers Depart for Annual Forecasting Field Trip
Keeling lectures at Denver University as Marsico Visiting Scholar
Green River Grotto and Hoffman students clean up Crumps Cave
Geoscience faculty publish research and viewpoints in national and international journals
Geoscience M.S. alumnus appointed to new position in Evansville
Groves presents keynote lecture at China conference
Geoscience Graduate student awarded a Cave Research Foundation Grant
Leslie North honored by National Society of Collegiate Scholars
Paducah student wins annual Kentucky Geobee - wins trip to Washington, D.C.
Geoscience graduate appointed to West Point leadership position
March 2013 one of the coldest on record, according to KY Climate Center
Geology Alumna Shelby Rader awarded prestigious NSF-GRF for graduate study at Arizona
WKU Geomorphology students learn about landscape processes in the Ozarks
WKU’s Hoffman Institute project addresses water crisis in West Africa
Meteorology graduate mentors K-12 students in science
WKU Stormtoppers help to secure StormReady® designation for WKU
Meteorology graduate accepted into Weather Officer Training program
Dr. Gripshover named "State Geographer" of Kentucky for 2013
WKU Geoscientists participating in Mammoth Cave symposium, Feb 14-15.
Meteorology students present research at the annual AMS conference
Geoscience team tackles Caribbean climate change issues


Hoffman faculty and staff present research at the Karst Dynamics Laboratory, Guilin, China.
Geography/Geology faculty and students publish new research in international journals
Geo faculty and students expand WKU's international reach
Jason Polk featured in Tampa Bay Ledger article on Florida springs decline.
Geography faculty, students, and alumni present research at annual SEDAAG conference
Geoscience faculty and students present research an annual GSA conference
Geography, Geology, and Geoscience students win awards at annual KAS Conference
Hoffman Institute team continues work on Gales Point, Belize, project
Hoffman Institute Founding Member of International Karst Research Academy
Hoffman Institute hosts UNESCO and Chinese visitors
Keeling completes Around the World Expedition for TCS and the American Geographical Society
Polk leads research team to investigate climate change on Mayan civilization
Foster speaks about the Mesonet project on "About Kentucky" (audio link)
Statewide ArcGIS License Expands STEM Education in Kentucky
Keeling publishes Op Ed on the conflict over the Falkland/Malvinas islands.
Goodrich's Summer 2012 Weather Report and Drought Update.
Hoffman graduate student awarded grant for Caribbean research
Groves gives keynote lecture at European cave research conference
KGA assisting Kentucky schools with GIS technology integration.
John All leads summer Peruvian Alpine Expedition
Hoffman Institute faculty, staff, and students attend NSS conference
WKU Meteorology students receive regional, national awards
Keeling named University Distinguished Professor
GIS students awarded scholarships to attend annual ESRI conference in San Diego
Foster assumes presidency of national climate organization
Meteorology students research March tornado event in Eastern Kentucky
Keeling makes three international trips for research and conferences
Groves name finalist for prestigious Chinese government award
Foster evaluates intensifying drought conditions in Western Kentucky
Geography graduate to lead science/resource management area at Mammoth Cave National Park
Durkee leads 3rd successful Storm Chase trip across the U.S. Midwest
Mesonet adds Todd County station 
Geography faculty participate in NSF grant for REU students
Hoffman Institute partners with WKU Habitat for Humanity Durbin project
Durkee summer storm-chase course prepares for the upcoming adventure
Keeling on WKYU-PBS Outlook talks about geopolitics and global terrorism.
Polk leads Ozarks geomorphology field trip
Groves conducts karst water resource training in southwest China
Foster Speaks at Kentucky Clean Air Conference
Geoscience students win awards at 42nd WKU Student Research Conference
Keeling named Editor for the Americas of the Journal of Transport Geography
Keeling lectures on an AGS Educational Expedition to Africa, Asia, and the Middle East
Summer Cave and Karst program now taking registrations.
Hoffman Institute co-sponsors karst groundwater workshops and cave cleanup in Florida.
Durkee explains meteorology to second graders.
Meteorology students and faculty at annual AMS conference
Winter Term Geology program in the Bahamas
Algeo and students win Best Paper Award for Mammoth Cave project
Kentucky Mesonet reports that 2011 was one of the wettest years on record.


Hoffman students and faculty explore the Ozarks on a Fall fieldtrip.
Kentucky Mesonet adds station in Simpson County.
Conner honored by Kentucky Historical Society for Allen County book
Leading Journals publish research by Geography faculty and Students
Groves featured in Science article on his research in China
Students and faculty present research at the annual KAS conference
Kentucky Mesonet adding stations in Lecher and Harlan counties
Geology faculty and students attend the annual GSA conference in Minneapolis
Groves attends international karst conference in Belgium
All quoted in Guardian newspaper, London, England, on Everest climate change
Kentucky Mesonet inaugurates its 59th automated weather station
Department Head attends first annual World Human Geography Conference
All featured on WBKO View from the Hill
Keeling investigates rural rail in Lincolnshire, UK
Hoffman faculty, staff, students attend annual NSS convention
Geology majors participate in summer REU experiences
Climatologists meet at WKU to discuss regional collaboration
Mahmood appointed to National Climate Assessment Committee
Geology students attend summer field camp in the mountain west
GIS major interns at the annual ESRI International User Conference
Hoffman Graduate Student wins International Award
WKU Stormchasers travel 7,238 miles during summer field course
WKU hosts international cave and karst conference, June.
WKU Meteorology Storm Forecasting class tracks deadly Joplin, MO, tornado
Swedish NGO funds Hoffman UNESCO project
Mesonet records April rainfall record
Mesonet records wind gusts of 101 MPH in Calloway County
WKU alumnus Jason Lindsay develops Junior Meteorology DVD for the P-12 system
Faculty and Students attend the annual AAG conference in Seattle
Department Students win WKU Research Conference awards
Louisville student wins state GeoBee final
New Mesonet Station in Meade County
Geomorphology Field Trip to Ozarks and northern Arkansas
Groves featured in the video show "View from the Hill"
Mesonet adds station in Bath County
Sustainability students participate in community practicum
Groves to lead new UNESCO initiative on global water resources
All to participate in expedition to the peruvian Andes to monitor pollution
Hoffman research caves in Barbados
Keeling lectures on Around the World Expedition
Mesonet inaugurates 54th Weather Station
View from the Hill feature on Stormchasers class, with video


New Mesonet sites in Lawrence and Oldham counties
Meteorology students win Fall Forecasting Contest
New Mesonet Site added in Shelby County
Faculty and Students attend annual SEDAAG Conference
Geo students win multiple presentation awards at KAS Conference
Durkee's Summer class wins national NAASS Award for Innovation
Chris Groves featured in BG Daily News
Goodrich and Foster discuss Kentucky's drought conditions
Two Mesonet sites get state agricultural funds
Alumnus William Dost gifts electronic access to geology journals
Kentucky Mesonet adds Pike County site
Polk and North attend China Environmental and Social Justice workshop
Groves on Environmental Justice in China
View from the Hill video of John All on Everest
Foster discusses drought conditions in Kentucky
Keeling named to international editorial board
Geology student visits Siccar Point unconformity in Scotland
Inaugural Department Study Away Program to Florida announced
Geoscience faculty in China to develop Study Abroad
Mesonet records relentless summer heat
Groves appointed WKU Distinguished University Professor
Geo-students summer program in Argentina
Mesonet reaches a milestone of 50 active stations
Polk/North/Wulff lead Semester at Sea Program
Keeling leads Study Abroad to Argentina
All completes ascent of Mt Everest
Meteorology Storm Chasers complete Epic Summer Course
Meteorology Students win prestigious internships
Storm tracking course spots tornadoes
Groves interviewed on Circle of Blue radio
Summer Stormchasing Class in the Great Plains
Groves interviewed in Diplomat newsletter on China
Geoscience students win competitive ESRI Scholarships
May and Siewers on recent earthquakes
Meteorology students to participate in Summer program
Mesonet Records Historic Rain Event
Meteorology major awarded NOAA Hollings Scholarship
Hoffman Circle of Blue Presentation
Mesonet records rare weather event in eastern Kentucky
Mesonet receives statewide award for excellence
Faculty and Students attend annual AAG Conference in Washington DC
Keeling Op Ed in Herald-Sun (Durham, NC) on Europe's volcanic ash disruptions.
Keeling Op Ed on Hope and Hopelessness in America published in Hawaii Reporter.
OpEd on Earthquake Anxiety by Geoscience Graduate Cari Bourette
Geography major Joey Coe named Udall Scholar for 2nd year
Keeling OpEd on Russia in Pravda
Mesonet Stations open in Nicholas and Lewis counties
Meteorology Club students attend Severe Westher Workshop
Crowder leads Girls in Science Day experiments
May speaks at Rotary Club about Earthquakes
Mesonet installs 47th station in Breckinridge
Kentucky Mesonet Expands to Henderson County
Algeo speaks at Kansas State on Constructing Place at Mammoth Cave
Hoffman/Mammoth Cave Agreement with Slovenia
Keeling interview on Yemen on WKYU-FM (audio)
Students and Faculty attend AMS conference
Graduate student publishes thesis as monograph
Geology Students study in the Bahamas
Mesonet sites reveal differences in Kentucky climate
Groves participates in discussion at Woodrow Wilson Center on Water
Kentucky weather conference convenes at WKU
WKU renews research agreements with Chinese universities
Drs Gripshover and Bell named new editors of FOCUS on Geography


Keeling Op Ed on the Copenhagen Climate Summit
Mesonet plans to add 20 more stations
Tom Bell's New Book on Pop Music
Kentucky Mesonet installs its 45th station
Kambesis leads mapping project in Borneo, Malaysia
Mesonet station opens in Clinton and Boone Counties
Stuart Foster quoted in regional media on KY climate change
Keeling OpEd on Geographies of Deep Uncertainty in Hawaii newspaper
Durkee's research featured in southern Brazil media
State Climatologist forecasts cooler, drier winter
Geoscience alumnus completes EPHLI Fellowship
Geography faculty, students at SEDAAG conference
Mesonet can help with wind power viability
Keeling OpEd on Islam's Geography published in national newspapers
Student Awards at the Kentucky Academy of Science
Mesonet adds stations in Graves and Trigg counties
Mesonet adds sites in Fulton and Harrison counties
Keeling OpEd on Geographic Awareness published in national newspapers
Blackburn's Planning students contribute to downtown historic preservation
WKU's Mesonet signs its 50th site agreement
Daily News feature on the Hoffman Institute water for orphanages program
Hoffman Institute installs water systems in China
Xingang Fan discusses his NASA Climate Modeling project
Kentucky Geographical Alliance co-director receives distinguished teaching award
Mahmood to co-direct High Performance Computing Center Grant
Durkee takes over administration of CLIMLIST
GIS program receives state award for excellence
Groves on WKYUFM radio about China research (audio file)
Hoffman Institute organizes Water Resources Conference in China
Mesonet expands to three more counties
Drs May and Kuehn featured in World Oil magazine
Hoffman Faculty/students in China for Signing Ceremony
Geoscience alumna featured in BG Daily News
Geoscience alumna and geography instructor featured on BG Today TV
Geoscience graduate develops MoodCompass analysis
Florea elected to NSS Board
Faculty, students attend ICS conference in Texas
Glen Conner honored by AASC
Keeling Completes Great Lakes Program
KY Mesonet expands to Madison County
Mesonet Aids in Storm Assessment
Geologists at Denver petroleum conference
Florea and students in the Bahamas
Groves gets "excellent" UNESCO rating
Keeling in Argentina for Transport research
Keeling Publishes OpEd on NATO and Russia
John All featured on View from the Hill
May on WKYUFM about Chinese Drywall (audio file)
Mesonet awarded $2.9 million
Senator McConnell officially launches Mesonet
Crowder admitted to Ed.D. program
Harrodsburg Mesonet Site Opens
NWS Louisville using Mesonet Data
Foster on regional weather impacts
Jim Bingham Succumbs to Illness, Aged 67
Sustainability efforts led by Department
Jamaica Trip Provides Learning Opportunities
Meteorology Major Earns Regional Award
Daily News article - Keeling Around the World
Geography student awarded ESRI Scholarship
Geography/Geology students at Sustainability Conference
Hoffman Research Team in Jamaica
Geography major earns Floodplain Certification
Meteorology Student wins Summer Internship
Ogden Awards Ceremony 2009
John All named Nepal Fulbright Scholar
Hoffmanito wins research award
Groves featured in Daily News
Meteorology students win NWS internships
Lewis County joins the Mesonet project
Trapasso presents Viking Voyages
All/students published in Stormwater
Joey Coe wins Udall Scholarship
National Geographic Bee State Champion named
Sustainability Minor approved
Oceanography students in Florida.
Watch Youtube Video of Stormtoppers
WKU Stormtoppers in Damage training
Mesonet expands to Mclean, Carroll counties
Teachers receive grants from KGA
WKU Stormtoppers Ready for Severe Weather
Geoscience students in Death Valley
Geographers at the AAG conference
Geoscience students in Florida
Meteorology student wins REU award
New Mesonet Station in Barren County
Keeling completes global trip
Mesonet monitors high winds
Groves updates UN Group on Karst
Geology major helps sponsor Sustainability initiative
Geofest scheduled for March 28th
Geography graduate helps set world record
Schlosser wins Canada Grant
Hoffman Team Maps Haiti Cave
Yan publishes traffic research


Meteorology students in regional competition
Crowder/Goodrich Recognized by SGA
Mesonet on target with stations
Hoffman Cave Purchase
Keeling podcast on Russia [audio file]
Hoffman student attends workshop
Keeling Lectures on Seven Revolutions
Florea to explore Monticello caves
Groves Appointed to UN Board
Geology student spearheads $40,000 competition
Chinese Diplomats visit Hoffman
Meteorology students at NWA conference
Goodrich research in SF Chronicle
New weather station at UKREC
Keeling Podcast on Cambodia [audio file]
Faculty/students at GSA conference
Mesonet expansion
KGA $50,000 grant renewed
Geology students at fossil festival
Mesonet at regional climate conference
Faculty at Environmental Education conference
Keeling published transport research
Keeling on Russia expedition
Faculty/students at ESRI GIS conference
Geology major completes REU in New York
Groves at Norway conference
Keeling on WKYU-FM about Russia [audio file]
Hoffman maps caves in Puerto Rico
Teachers attend KGA workshop
KGA workshop at Natural Bridge State Park
Faculty/students at state GIS conference
Community Change project in Medellín
Geology student presents research in Japan
Faculty/student publish research on radon
Study Abroad Mediterranean
Hoffman student wins award
Hoffman program gets "excellent" award
Hoffman students at Slovenia conference
Mesonet workshop planned for October
Celestian names to editorial board
Keeling on WKYUFM about Arctic [audio file]
Goodrich on WKYUFM about climate/wine [audio file]
National Weather Service seminar
Goodrich on Climate and Wine
Mesonet soil monitoring
WKU hosts Karst Geology conference
Groves advises Conservation team
May on WKYUFM about earthquakes [audio file]
Groves on WKYUFM about karst [audio file]
Mesonet adds more stations
State Geography Bee winners
Annual Ogden Awards
May on earthquakes
Faculty/student research featured in geography magazine
Celestian on WBKO on earthquakes
May in Louisville newspaper on earthquakes
Faculty/Students at AAG Conference
Groves in Environmental journal
Faculty/students at regional GSA conference
Foster speaks on Drought
Hoffman Water Training in China
Trapasso Podcast on Easter Island [audio file]
Geography faculty in Colombia
Hoffman Team in Rural China
Mesonet launches new website
Yucatán Study Abroad


Keeling on WKYUFM about Mexico [audio file]
Groves attends Asia Environmental Conference
Planning students present Scottsville study
KGA grant for $50,000 renewed
Keeling returns from West Africa expedition
Keeling participates in forum on human terrain analysis
China program featured at International Policy Center
Hoffman team assists Nigerian government
Hoffman team conducts Water training in China
Faculty/students attend SEDAAG conference
May on WKYUFM about asphalt mining [audio file]
Keeling publishes OpEd on infrastructure
State Climatologist reviews year
Keeling OpEd on infrastructure
Keeling on WKYUFM about Arctic [audio file]
Keeling Podcast on the Sahara [audio file]
Mesonet adds four more stations
Successful climate workshop concludes
Hoffman consults on cave development in Haiti
Geologists lead regional conference
Keeling completes Arctic expedition
Mesonet online drought forum goes live
Geology student studies meteorite for REU
Students win GIS scholarships
Hoffman China project on agenda in Washington
Hoffman China project receives $100,000 grant
Drought conditions intensify in region
Mesonet Systems administrator
Department to participate in Earth Systems alliance
Mahmood organizes climate workshop
UNESCO rates Hoffman program highly
Geology students attend summer field camp
Keeling OpEd in Toledo newspaper
Keeling on WKYUFM about boundary conflicts [audio file]
Hoffman featured on WKYUFM Midday Edition [audio file]
Geographic Bee champion crowned
Mesonet station installed at WKU Farm
Storm Spotter class sponsored by Meteorology Club
Geographic Alliance planning workshop
Hoffman hosts USAID Director
Hoffman Faculty/students train Chinese students
Keeling OpEd on Arctic melting
Ogden College recognizes outstanding students
Faculty/students attend AAG conference in San Francisco
Keeling OpEd in Chicago newspaper
Goodrich research on climate and sports
Keeling OpEd in Florida newspaper
Keeling published OpEd on geographic education
Hoffman improves water quality at lake
Faculty/students go global
Department to offer new Meteorology and GIS majors
All attends AAAS conference
KGA holds GPS day
Hoffman conducts GIS training in China
Students/faculty study urban planning in Europe


Students receive KAS awards
Keeling OpEd on Afghanistan
Keeling on WKYUFM about culture [audio file]
Faculty/students attend national GSA conference
Mahmood edits special journal issue on climate change
Geoscience students go extreme caving in Mexico
Groves promotes China project in D.C.
Faculty/students attend regional AAG meeting
Groves briefs US Embassy officials in Beijing
KGA receives $50,000 grant
China Environmental Health Project receives funding
Geoscience graduate featured on Discovery Channel
Keeling lectures on Saharan expedition
Mesonet development continues
Keeling publishes OpEds on economic development
Keeling OpEd in Ft. Worth newspaper
Groves on WKYUFM about China [audio file]
Groves lectures at workshop in Switzerland
Geography student poster wins award
GIS students receive ESRI scholarships
Geoscience students extend international reach
Dobler appointed State Geographer
Geoscience students research in Borneo
Mammoth Cave workshops on history and culture
Keeling OpEd on transportation
Students participating in summer research
Keeling OpEd on migrants
Keeling on WKYUFM about Mexico's elections [audio file]
Mesonet planning meetings scheduled
Hazard slated for Mesonet station
Keeling publishes OpEds on geopolitics and transportation
Dobler works on Geographic Education project
Geologists participate in Utah field course
Geology students selected for summer REU
Karst field studies at Mammoth Cave
Void detection robot tested along US-Mexico border
State geographic bee crowns champion
Keeling lectures on AGS expedition
Kentucky Mesonet official state center
Geoscience student receives scholarship
Groves speaks at Harvard
Geoscience student receives national research award
Hoffman water resources program funded
Faculty/students attend AAG Conference
Geography students attend severe weather workshop
Faculty publish climate research in international journal
NOAA supports KY Mesonet project
Geoscience student helps discover new species
Faculty/students research in Chile


Faculty/students head to Tanzania for Study Abroad
All comments on climate change
Faculty/students present research at national cave meeting
Geologists attend regional meeting
Faculty/students attend national GSA conference
Geoscience student recognized for climate research
Keeling lectures on Mediterranean expedition
Hoffman welcomes Spanish cave scientist
Geoscience students study Tongass National Forest
Faculty/students team up with Nature Conservancy
Faculty/students attend ESRI conference
Graduate student completes Los Alamos internship
GIS workshop for Mammoth Cave staff
Faculty/students attend conference in Greece
Department hosts Kentucky GIS conference
Students attend Utah field camp
Students study Hawaii on field trip
Toomey is first director of Learning Center
Geography study abroad program to Chile and Argentina
New Kentucky Climate Center website
Kentucky Climate Center hosts workshop
GIS/GPS workshop for Middle Grades teachers
State geographic Bee winner
Hoffman team explores China cave system
Faculty/students attend Denver AAG conference
Faculty/students present research at GSA conference
Crowder named Young Careerist
Cary earns GISP certification
Groves to head UNESCO water research
Belgian cave scientist visits department
Hoffman begins Hunan province, China, project
Crawford receives national award
Keeling lectures on around the world expedition


Student cavers rescue dog
Keeling lectures at West Point
Groves elected President of CRF
Students win KAS awards
Cavers assist in clean-up efforts
Kuehn receives Distinguished Service Award
Groves receives T.L. Mount Lectureship
Faculty receive NSF support
Hoffman team to explore Vietnamese cave
Geoscience graduates publish GIS research
Geography faculty/students complete UK study abroad
Geoscience student presents research
Geoscience graduate publishes new book
Keeling attends globe-signing ceremony
Wulff wins research award
Keeling attends Guatemala conference
Faculty/students attend Vietnam karst conference
Distinguished China scholar visits department
Geoscience team conducts research in China
Geology alumnus receives national recognition
Faculty/students attend AAG conference in Philadelphia
Hoffman team leads expedition to China
Faculty/students in Bahamas for field camp
Keeling lectures on West Africa expedition
Center for Cave and Karst hosts Canadian students
Geoscience students/faculty travel the world
Kuehn and May pass ASBOG exam
Hoffman team begin new project in China
GIS students present posters at the Capitol


Faculty/students attend regional geography conference
Wulff featured in profile
Geologists attended national GSA conference in Seattle
Groves assists Forest Service in Alaska
Students receive KAS awards
Department celebrates Geography Awareness Week
Faculty/students on California field trip
Faculty/students attend national cave conference
Hoffman student explores Malaysian caves
Kentucky mapping professionals visit GIS Center
May and Kuehn present research on road collapse
Geologists lead field conference in Middlesboro
Hoffman students attend conference
Wulff returns from field work in Indonesia
Department promotes GIS at regional meeting
Geoscience student receives GIS scholarship
Keeling lectures on Europe expedition
Graduates receive departmental awards
New research initiatives announced
Faculty/students on field trip to western US
Department hosts international karst conference
GSA Executive Director visits department
GIS resources are expanded
Faculty/students attend regional GSA
Faculty/students attend New Orleans AAG conference
State Geographic Bee winner announced
All travels to China


Hoffman group address China problems
Faculty/students attend regional AAG meeting
Keeling lectures on South America expedition
Researchers participate in Mammoth Cave conference
Department co-sponsors regional MALAS meeting
Faculty/students present research at national GSA conference
Geoscience student receives GIS scholarship
Faculty research featured in special issue of cave journal
Geoscience student conducts cave research in Borneo
Geoscience student receives fellowship award
China's leading Karst scientist visits department
Faculty/students assist State geographic bee competition


Faculty present research at Boston GSA conference
Geoscience student receives cave award
Researcher honored by national cave group
Keeling assumes Department Head position


Students discover cave
Keeling represents WKU at national association
May works on earthquake risk assessment
Leading Chinese cave scientist visits Department
Geologists attend regional GSA conference

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