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Department of Earth, Environmental, and Atmospheric Sciences - Information



Activities - Current Semester
Activities - Past Semesters
Algeo, Dr. Katie
Application for Assistantship
Awards for Students Recent Semesters


Brown, Jill - Director KGA


Careers in Geography
Careers in Geology
Cave and Karst
Center for Cave and Karst Studies

Colonnade Courses
Contribute to the Department (donation form)
Contribute to the Department (secure server)
Courses and Programs
Course Syllabi, Current Semester
Crowder, Dr. Margaret
Cultural Geography Courses and Programs
Current Events and Activities


Decroix, Wendy - Ogden Budget Coordinator
Degree Programs - Undergraduates
Department Activities
Department Chair
Department Productivity Report, 2010-2011
Department Productivity Report, 2009-2010
Department Productivity Report, 2008-2009
Department Productivity Report, 2007-2008
Department Productivity Report, 2006-2007
Department Productivity Report, 2005-2006
Department Productivity Report, 2004-2005
Department Productivity Report, 2003-2004
Department Productivity Report, 2002-2003
Department Productivity Report, 2001-2002
Department Productivity Report, 2000-2001
Departmental Scholarship Information
Department Study Abroad Programs
Dobler, Scott - Adjunct Instructor
Donate to the Department
Durkee, Dr. Josh - CHAOS Director
Durrant, DeAnna - Office Coordinator


Earth Systems Information
Earth Systems Science Education Alliance
Environmental Science courses in EEAS
Environmental Concentration M.S. Geoscience


Faculty Publications
Fan, Dr. Xingang
Floodplain Management Minor
Four-Year Degree Program


Gani, Dr. Nahid
Gani, Dr. Royhan
GEOGRAM: Department Newsletter
Geographic Informations Systems Courses
Geography Courses
Geology Club
Geology Courses
Geological Sciences Major
Geological Sciences Program Website
Geoscience Program Student Handbook
Gifts and Donations to the Department
GIS Career Development information
GIS Certificate Program
GIS Major Professionial B.S..
GIS Opportunities at WKU
Goodrich, Dr. Gregory - Program Leader Meteorology
Graduate Assistantship Application
Graduate M.S. Program
Graduate Student Handbook
Grants and Research for Students in Geoscience
Gripshover, Dr. Peggy
Groves, Dr. Chris - Director, CHL, and
University Distinguished Professor


Handbook for Geoscience Graduate Program
How to Write a Research Paper (graduates)
How to write a Research Paper (undergraduates)
Human Geography Courses


International Education Council


Jobs for Students, Research


Kambesis, Dr. Pat (Instructor II)
Keeling, Dr. David J. [Emeritus Department Head] and University Distinguished Professor
Kentucky Climate Center
Kentucky Geographic Alliance
Kentucky Mesonet.


Leadership Studies Program



Major in Environment, Sustainability, and Geographic Studies
Major in Geological Sciences - B.S.
Major in Meteorology B.S.
Master's Program Student Handbook
May, Dr. Michael
Mesonet Project
Meteorology Blog
Meteorology B.S. Major
Mission of the Department


Nemon, Amy-- GIS Center Director
News about Student Publications
North, Dr. Leslie - CHNGES


Office Manager


Past Activities and Events
Performance Review Guidelines
Physical Geography Courses
Polk, Dr. Jason - Director, CHNGES
Productivity Report, 2010-2011
Productivity Report, 2009-2010
Productivity Report, 2008-2009
Productivity Report, 2007-2008
Productivity Report, 2006-2007
Productivity Report, 2005-2006
Productivity Report, 2004-2005
Productivity Report, 2003-2004
Productivity Report, 2002-2003
Productivity Report, 2001-2002
Productivity Report, 2000-2001
Programs of Study
Program Reviews 2004-2010
Program Review Geography 1998-2003
Program Review Geology 1998-2003
Program Review Geoscience 1998-2003
Promotion and Tenure Policy
Publications by Faculty
Publications by Students



Regional Geography Courses
Research Activities and Interests
Research Paper Guide (graduates)
Research Paper Guide (undergraduates)


Sabbatical Policy
Scholarship Information for Students
Siewers, Dr. Fred - Department Chair
Skill and Technique Courses
Strategic Plan 2006-2011
Student Publications
Student News and Activities
Student Theses
Syllabus for Current Semester Courses [Log-in Required]


Technique and Skill Courses
Tenure and Promotion Policy
Theses of Graduate Students
Trapasso, Dr. L. Michael - (Emeritus Professor)


Undergraduate Catalog
Unit Productivity Report, 2010-2011
Unit Productivity Report, 2009-2010
Unit Productivity Report, 2008-2009
Unit Productivity Report, 2007-2008
Unit Productivity Report, 2006-2007
Unit Productivity Report, 2005-2006
Unit Productivity Report, 2004-2005
Unit Productivity Report, 2003-2004
Unit Productivity Report, 2002-2003
Unit Productivity Report, 2001-2002
Unit Productivity Report, 2000-2001



Water Resources Minor
Weather Museum Curator
Why major in Geography?
Why major in Geology?
Wulff, Dr. Andrew



Yan, Dr. Jun - GIS Program Leader
Yearly Planning Document





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