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Alert Snippets

There are no settings for these snippets. You can use this for various type of alerts on your pages. The icons are required to be in the alerts and there is no way to get rid of them. The Alert snippet is not a table transformation, so you will not see the name of the snippet at the top of the table.

The Alerts typically have specifc reasons on why you would want to use each alert type. Just above each alert type, we display typical use cases for each type of alert.

One example of when you might want to use the Success Alert is if you have your LDP forms redirecting to another page on successful submission. You could add the Success Alert Snippet to that page to let them know their form was submitted successfully.



The green success alert typically indicates a successful or positive action. Use this alert for messages that convey success like form submission completions or if something has been fixed. One examples is Information Technology has reported that the WKU website is online and running smoothly. Another example is could be Your form has been submitted successfully. Someone should be in contact with you within 3 - 5 business days. Thank you.




The blue info alert indicates a neutral informative change or action. Use this alert to display information such as a change to business hours or a new feature. One example of this message could be New snippets are now available in OU Campus. Check them out!




The yellow warning alert indicates caution should be taken with this action. Use this alert to warn users of something they may need to know before proceeding or that needs more attention than just information. One example would be This information is for faculty, if you are staff please visit another page.




The red danger alert indicates a dangerous or potentially negative action. Use this alert for serious messages like a cancellation or closure. you can also use this alert to indicate that something has been removed or expired. One example could be Due to construction we will be CLOSED from Monday through Friday this week. Another example might be Registration for this event has closed. Please contact email@wku.edu for late registration. 

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