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Courses Offered

Folk Studies Graduate Courses Offered

The syllabi are just samples and are not guaranteed to correspond exactly to the syllabi in your classes.




FLK 410G African-American Music 3 hours

A survey of selected musical styles created and developed by African Americans from the 17th to the 20th century: spirituals, blues, popular music forms (e.g., soul, reggae, rap music). Emphasis will be placed on the historical factors and socio-cultural trends that influenced the development of African-American music.


FLK 445G American Architectural History 3 hours

An interdisciplinary survey of American architectural history, including trends and styles, architect designed and manufactured structures and elements, and the social history of American architecture.

Syllabus sample.


FLK 447G Historical Architecture Interiors 3 hours

Analysis of styles in architectures and interiors from ca. 1900 to present time. Emphasis on interiors and furnishings of both academic and vernacular structures and the forces which affected their development. Crosslisted with Consumer and Family Sciences 447G.


FLK 462G Folklore & Medicine 3 hours (offered every odd spring)

Examines the role of traditional culture in shaping attitudes and behavior related to sickness, health, and healing. Institutional, alternative, and informal medical settings are discussed. Cross-listed with Public Health 462G.

Syllabus sample.


FLK 464G Vernacular Architecture 3 hours (offered every even fall)

The forms, functions, and styles of buildings constructed according to custom from local materials to meet individual and cultural preferences.

Syllabus sample.

Required for the Historic Preservation track.


FLK 470G Museum Procedures/Preservation Techniques 3 hours

Essential aspects of museums and of preservation, i.e., collecting, preserving, researching, exhibiting, and interpreting material culture.

Syllabus sample.

Required for the Historic Preservation track.


FLK 478G Folklore & Literature 3 hours

Readings in world literature from the Bible to the modern novel and examination of the degree to which oral literature has affected origins and development of written literature.

Syllabus sample.


FLK 480G Women's Folklife 3 hours

The various images and roles of women in the U.S. and selected world cultures as reflected in folklife materials such as narratives, beliefs, ballads, rhymes, games, customs, and folk arts.

Syllabus sample.


FLK 560 Cultural Conservation 3 hours (offered every odd fall)

Survey of the history, organization, development, and major issues of cultural conservation, specifically as they relate to folklife and the built environment.

Syllabus sample.

Required for the Historic Preservation track.


FLK 561 Folk Arts and Technology 3 hours (offered every fall) 

Examination of the study of material folk culture from various methodological and theoretical perspectives, including artifactual analysis, design theory and ethnoaesthetics.

Syllabus sample.

Requirements: You must take three of four classes, this is one of the four options.


FLK 562 Folklore and Education 3 hours (offered every odd spring)

Methods, theories, skills and resources for teaching folklore, with an emphasis on the K-12 curriculum. Teaching, teacher training, preparation of guides, lesson plans and curricula, and multiculturalism will be covered.

Syllabus sample.

Required for the Public Folklore track.


FLK 566 Oral History 3 hours

Methods and theories of oral history, legal and ethical considerations, uses and planning of local oral history projects.


FLK 569 Folklore Genres 3 hours *required class* (offered every fall)

An examination of the oral, customary, and material culture genres of folklore, and the theories and methods of genre studies.

Syllabus sample.


FLK 570 Appalachian Folklore/Life 3 hours

Folklife and culture of southern Appalachia, with emphasis on verbal, customary, and material traditions.


FLK 571 Folk Narrative 3 hours (offered every spring)

A survey of narrative genres of folklore and relevant scholarship.

Syllabus sample.

Requirements: You must take three of four classes, this is one of the four options.


FLK 572 Public Folklore 3 hours (offered every fall)

History, methods, and issues of public folklore.

Syllabus sample.

Required for the Public Folklore track.


FLK 574 Urban Folklore 3 hours

Folkloric aspects of urban America, with special emphasis on legends, customs, beliefs, and other lore of today's regional, occupational, and ethnic groups.


FLK 575 Folk Belief 3 hours

An examination of vernacular belief systems and practices, including folk religion, alternative and folk healing, divination, ritual, legend, and myth. Current historical, philosophical, anthropological, and folkloristic theories will be covered.

Syllabus sample.

Requirements: You must take three of four genres classes, this is one of the four options.


FLK 576 American Traditional Music 3 hours

An examination of diverse forms of traditional American musical expression.

Syllabus sample.

Requirements: You must take 3 of 4 genre classes, this is one of the options.


FLK 577 Folklore Theory 3 hours *required* (offered every spring)

Folklore scholarship, its historical development, and its principal bibliographical materials.

Syllabus sample.


FLK 578 Folklore Fieldwork 3 hours *required* (offered every fall)

Examination of methodological issues and techniques in folklore fieldwork.

Syllabus sample.


FLK 579 Independent Study Folklore 3 hours

Supervised individual study under the direction of a member of the folklore graduate faculty. (course pass required)


FLK 580 Folklore Conversations/Communication 3 hours

Forms of folklore which occur within a conversational stream. Expressive culture as a particular culture-specific mode of communication.


FLK 585 Topics In Folklore 3 hours

Topics of current interest in the field. Content varies according to the instructor and needs of the students. May be repeated once. Past offereings have included Foodways and Death and Dying.


FLK 589 Internship 3 hours

Supervised work situation with cooperating business, industry, social or governmental agency, emphasizing application of advanced knowledge and skills in folk studies. (course pass required)

Required for the Public Folklore and Historic Preservation tracks.


FLK 599 Thesis Research Writing 1-6 hours (6 total)

Required for the Thesis track.


FLK 600 Maintain Matriculation 1-6 hours

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