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ESA 2020-2021 Winter Projects

WKU ESA's were hard at work deep cleaning the campus over the 2020-2021 winter break! When faculty, staff and students were away, WKU's ESA staff was busy completing campus projects. These projects include tasks that can't be completed while performing daily sanitation duties. Special projects like stripping and revarnishing floors, extracting carpet, washing walls, and washing air vents/lights greaty improve the ascetics of our campus buildings. If you see an ESA, thank them for the work they do to make WKU the most beautiful campus in the state.  

Over winter break, the ballrooms were detailed and most carpets were cleaned. ESA's also completed high dusting of ledges with the Sky Vac. 


ESA's extracted all carpet, top scrubbed all tile and detailed all offices/rooms.

ESA's pressure washed bathrooms, cleaned furniture, varnished floors and cleaned entrances. They also top scrubbed and waxed the conference room floor.

ESA's extracted the. carpet in most 1st floor classrooms and offices.

ESA's cleaned study rooms, dusted 3rd floor meeting rooms, refinished elevator floors, ran the carpet extractor on carpet, and cleaned furniture.


ESA's waxed the first floor corridor and prepared classrooms on the 3rd and 4th floors for repurposing.

ESA's 'detail cleaned' front offices. Waxing of the DFM wing will take place later in the winter.

ESA's extracted carpet in common spaces and hallways, detailed common rooms and deep cleaned public bathrooms.

On the first floor, ESA's extracted the auditorium floors, deep cleaned floors in select rooms, and top scrubed, waxed and detailed bathrooms.

ESA's cleaned the classroom floors (buffed or top scrubbed/waxed) on the second floor.

ESA's top scrubbed and waxed the classroom floors on the 3rd floor. They also extracted the carpet in the 3rd floor conference room.

ESA's dusted and polished wood trim, handrails, and other fixtures.

ESA's cleaned carpets and floors were shined.

ESA's completed the following tasks. 

  • The first floor computer lab carpet was shampooed
  • The second and third floor tile was waxed

Elevators are scheduled to be shampooed and entry glass is scheduled to be cleaned. 

ESA's topscrubbed and waxed the hallway floors, and kaivaced the restrooms.

ESA's cleaned carpet in much of the annex.

ESA's cleaned carpets throughout the building including all study tutorials, a number of offices and boardrooms. ESA's completed dusting of high ledges with the Sky Vac. 

ESA's waxed the 1st and 2nd floor lobbies, detailed the restrooms and high dusted with the Sky Vac.

High Dusting

ESA's extracted the lounge carpet on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and ground floor of Ogden.

ESA's detailed the offices and carpets were shampooed.

ESA's cleaned stairwells and entrances,1st floor carpets were shampooed and 3rd floor carpet was scrubbed and extracted.  

DFM sprayed and detailed throughout the day and night to keep the facility disinfected and operational.

ESA's completed the tasks below on the 3rd and 4th floor.

3rd floor:

  • Washed walls
  • Extracted floor
  • Cleaned lights (if safely accessible)
  • Deep cleaned restrooms 
  • Cleaned furniture 

4th floor:

  • Deep cleaned restrooms
  • Extracted carpet
  • Scrubbed and conditioned rubber flooring
  • Washed windows, lights, and vents. 
  • Cleaned furniture 
  • Washed walls

ESA's completed the tasks below. 

1st floor:

  • Detailed and top scrubed/waxed/buffed classroom floors
  • Detailed and polished the Department Head office

3rd floor: 

  • Extracted carpet in offices
  • Deep cleaned locker rooms and showers

 ESA's waxed select classrooms and lab rooms in the nursing wing. Most of the lobby was waxed.  

   Waxing  Waxing Floors  

Nursing Wing


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