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Pre-Exercise Science Program


Pre-Exercise Science (EXS 554P) 

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Admission to the Exercise Science program requires completion of a minimum of:

  • 39 - 40 credit hours
  • a 2.5 or higher cumulative grade point average
  • completion of Exercise Science prerequisite courses with a grade of "C" or better
  • submission of all application materials by the required deadlines

Deadline for Submission of Application

Work with your advisor regarding the appropriate time for the submission of your application.  Please track your progress each semester and fill out the course prerequisite worksheet on the next page. You may submit your application when you are currently enrolled in your final 2 prerequisite courses (BIOL 131 and CHEM cannot be among those remaining prerequisites) and will be completing the total hours (39-40). Please submit your application a minimum of 3 weeks prior to your priority registration date.  Any delay in receiving your application will limit your ability to enroll in the Exercise Science (EXS) courses.  If there are any questions or concerns, please contact Kristeen Owens at (270)745-3153 or kristeen.tice-owens@wku.edu.       

Required Admission Materials

Submit the following materials together in one application packet to the main office of the School of Kinesiology, Recreation & Sport in Smith Stadium 1015.

1.  Completed application for admission (both pages) (typed or written legibly)
2.  Resume.  Please include career goals.
3.  Unofficial transcript(s) with prerequisite courses highlighted. (WKU transcripts may be printed from Topnet)
4.  Fill out the prerequisite worksheet on page 2 of the application.


Pre Admission Course Descriptions

EXS 122. FOUNDATIONS OF KINESIOLOGY. (3) An introductory study of the historical, philosophical, and scientific foundations of physical education. Equivalent to PE 122.

EXS 223. HEALTH RELATED FITNESS-EXERCISE SCIENCE. (3) Prerequisite: Declared Exercise Science major. Foundation of knowledge and practice in components of physical fitness. Aerobic conditioning, and musculoskeletal strength, endurance, and flexibility will be explored.

EXS 296. PRACTICUM IN EXERCISE SCIENCE. (3) Prerequisites: EXS 223 and a declared Exercise Science major. Work experience in Exercise Science practical settings in progression towards completion of the major. Liability insurance required. Must be repeated for a maximum of 4 hours taken twice with each practicum experience in a different subfield of Exercise Science.


For course descriptions outside of EXS please view the WKU Course Catalog.

Pre Admission Courses

EXS 122   Foundations of Kinesiology (Per department schedule)

EXS 223   Intro to Exercise Science (FA/SP/SU)

EXS 296   Practicum-150 work hours (FA/SP/SU)

BIOL 131 Anatomy and Physiology (Per department schedule)

CHEM 109- OR - CHEM 120/121 Chemistry (Per department schedule)

MATH 116 Algebra (Per department schedule)

PSY 100 Intro to Psychology (Per department schedule) - OR- SOCL 100 Intro to Sociology - OR - GERO 100 Intro to Gerontology (Per department schedule)

HMD 211 Human Nutrition (Per department schedule)

SFTY 171 CPR and First Aid (Per department schedule)


*FA=Fall Semester; SP=Spring Semester; SU=Summer Semester




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