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Garrett Hunt

Garrett Hunt
- Major: Popular Culture Studies

Advice for Exploratory Students

What's one piece of advice you would give to an incoming Exploratory student?

Advice I would give is, don't be too stressed out or don't feel pressured to immediately pick a major. Give it time and let it come to you. You'll know when you know. Wait for something to really stand out to you. Just make sure you're picking your major because it sounds good to you, not because it would sound good to someone or everyone else.

What tips would you give students about getting involved on campus?

As for getting involved on campus, try to make a long lasting friendship or two in each class you're in. Knowing other people that go to WKU makes it easier to find someone who will go with you to on campus events. 


What campus resources helped you find a major?

As for what helped me find my major, a friend I had made on campus who got to know me, saw the pamphlet for the Pop Culture Studies degree one day and thought I would be interested and they showed the pamphlet to me. After one read through, I knew that was the degree for me.


What campus organizations are you involved in?

I am now a part of the Exploratory Student Ambassadors of WKU and I am thinking of trying to become active in the WKU (lesser known) Anime club, since that's something I really love. Other than those things it can be hard for me to find the time to dedicate to a handful of different things on campus due to having a full time job.

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