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Studio Show Auditions - God & Elephant Graveyard
Date:  Thursday, January 30th, 2014
Time:  5:00pm - 10:00pm
Location:  GWH: 312

Scripts, audition forms, and audition sides (cold reads) are in the green room.  Scripts are also in the FAC green room

You are not required to read for both shows if you are only interested in one.

Prepared monologues are welcome, but completely optional.  At the audition, you will perform your prepared monologue (if you have one), read one of the cold read selections of your choice, and you might be asked to read for something else.  You may also choose to read a short comedic scene (from GOD) which you will have worked on with a scene partner of your choice.

Both shows will be utilizing cross-gender casting.  For Elephant's Graveyard, any character may be played by any race or gender, so keep that in mind when you are looking over the script.  (The exceptions are Hungry Townsperson, which must be played by an African-American, and Muddy Townsperson and Ballet Girl, who must be female.)

Please only borrow audition cold read sheets if you will really practice with them, keep them for no longer than one night, and you must bring them back to the audition date.  Otherwise they should stay in the green room.

Call backs will be held on Friday, and cast lists will (hopefully!) be announced by Monday!  Rehearsals will begin ASAP next week, and performances are March 31 and April

Curtains cast members are welcome to audition, but keep in mind that committing to both projects simultaneously will be tough.  Preference will be given to those who have plenty of time and energy to devote to the show. 


By Woody Allen
Directed by Andrew Mertz

What to Bring: Clothes to move in and a good attitude. 


Elephant’s Graveyard
By George Brant
Directed by Lena Buechler

READ the scripts if at all possible!  You will not be able to tell enough about the character from the cold read.  Elephant's Graveyard is a very character driven show and I want to see YOUR unique interpretation of the very specific character for which you will read.

If you know nothing else about Elephant's Graveyard, know that it is comprised of interwoven monologues and is presentational in acting style.  That is, everything is directed toward the audience.  It's almost more of a storytelling event;  there is no fourth wall.  I want to see that you can hold an audience's attention all by your lonesome.

If you're a big dude who wants to be cast as Strong Man, I want to hear your best Eastern European OR Russian accent.  (If you're a female who wants to show me an accent and a really compelling/cool reason I should cast you in this part, show it to me.)


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