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Search and Screen Committee Training

Search and Screen Committee Chair


The Search and Screen Committee Chair is responsible for the committee's administrative tasks, including but not limited to, coordination with the EAU and HR, securing the necessary applicant/interview pool certifications, reference checks and request for official transcripts.

A letter of recommendation submitted may take the place of a telephone reference check and is encouraged to be completed before an offer is made. Telephone reference check documents should be returned to Human Resources for Staff positions and Academic Affairs for Faculty positions. A sample telephone reference check document can be found by clicking the following link:


The initial committee meeting should include:

  • an introduction of the Search and Screen Committee Chair appointed by the Hiring Official;
  • a review of the position description;
  • affirmation that the Search and Screen Committee membership should refer any contacts by applicants to the Search and Screen Committee Chair and refrain from having direct contact with applicants except during the interview process;
  • an overview pertaining to the process for viewing applicants' materials.

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