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CEC - Renshaw Early Childhood Center - Testimonials

"We can see such a difference in our son during the weeks he is in Big Red School. His eye contact is better, he sleeps better during the night, he is more compliant and vocal, and he has an easier time being around groups of people. Without Big Red School, we feel that Davis would be much further behind developmentally. We are thankful for the caring teachers and staff associated with the program who give us useful tips on how to positively manage specific behaviors exhibited at home. They have become part of our extended family and are our son's biggest cheerleaders. When so many point out your child's differences and delays, they are the first to celebrate milestones, no matter how small! We love Big Red School!"

-Shelley & Bill

"Our daughter, Shelby, started at Big Red School when she was 2. Shelby had never been to any school setting before; she was only comfortable with us or her grandmother. It took Shelby several weeks to warm up at her new school, but once she did, she loved going. I could mention the word school and she would go get her little backpack and was ready to go. The teachers and students are very patient with Shelby, they are very understanding and they are individuals with only the best interest of each child on their mind. When Shelby started, she was pretty much nonverbal, she used some basic sign language and that was pretty much it. The teachers worked with Shelby on not only expanding her signs, but also discovering her voice. Shelby is not a child that likes fine motor skills, anything that requires Shelby to sit still for longer than 30 seconds is not something that Shelby wants to do. The students and teachers worked closely with Shelby's outside therapist to come up with activities to do while Shelby was at school. They worked with Shelby on interacting with other children of her age. Shelby is now "Little Miss Center of Attention" and doesn't meet a stranger. Shelby has overcome many hurdles in her little life, but even now at 3 and many semesters under her belt at Big Red School, she still learns something new with each semester she attends."


"I am the mother of two boys who attended the RECC - one for autism (attended 4.5 years) and the other for social/insecurity issues (attended 3 years). The program was wonderful and made such a difference for my children. The staff was very knowledgeable about childhood development and developmental issues.  They really got to know my children and learn what they needed from the program - setting individual goals and working on them during the session. They also went out of their way to help us with any issues outside of the classroom (home, school, etc.). I have always been amazed at the dedication of the staff and grateful for it. My children changed so much and made so much progress while attending the RECC (social skills, speech/language, toy play, confidence, etc.). I am so thankful that someone told me about this program in 2009. It was a life changer for us and also opened up doors to other things that will help now that we have graduated from this program. We also continue to have great relationships with the staff at RECC which really means a lot to me."


 "We have been extremely happy with the level of care, instruction, and guidance provided by the staff of Big Red School. We have three children, ages 10, 5, and 19 months. Our older two have gone through BRS from age 2-5, and it is our expectation that our youngest will follow suit. My wife and I have been very impressed with the staff, and we continue to appreciate their attention to providing an environment in which typically developing children can co-exist and even learn from those with developmental delays. We feel that our children have been well prepared for kindergarten due to the team at Big Red School, and we are grateful that they have been able to go to preschool there."





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