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Educational Administration, Leadership, and Research

Specialist in Education (Ed. S.) Program

Educational Specialist Degree in Educational Administration is an advanced professional degree involving a minimum of 36 credit hours of study beyond the Master's Degree, including a 6-credit hour specialist project. The degree is designed primarily for those planning to enter the school principalship or other administrative/supervisory positions.

Eligibility for Admission

To be eligible for admission to programs leading to the Educational Specialist Degree in Educational Administration, the candidate must:

  • Hold a Master's Degree from an accredited college or university with a minimum GPA of 3.5 from graduate work at the Master's Degree level
  • Attain a minimum score on the GRE, MAT, or NTE.

Application for Admission

All applicants for the Educational Specialist Degree in Educational Administration must be made through the Graduate School and the Department of Educational Admin, Leadership, and Research.

  • Complete a Graduate Studies Form A
  • Submit a copy of a current, valid teaching certificate
  • Present three recommendation forms from graduate faculty and/or professional associates (Graduate Studies Form)
  • Complete all Educational Leadership application forms for programmatic admission
  • Complete a departmental interview
  • A student cannot be formally admitted to the Education Specialist Degree until all admission requirements are met.


The requirements for the Educational Specialist degree in Educational Administration include the following:

  • A minimum of thirty-six semester hours of graduate credit in a planned program beyond the Master's degree.
  • A minimum of twelve semester hours must be full-time residence credit.
  • A minimum of nine semester hours of residence credit must be completed before admission to candidacy and a minimum of fifteen semester hours of credit after admission to candidacy.
  • Candidates may transfer a maximum of six semester hours approved by the student's advisory committee, from an institution with an accredited advanced graduate program in educational administration.
  • At least twenty-one semester hours must be in courses numbered 500 or above.
  • Minimum full-time residence requirements may be met through two semesters, or a semester and a summer, or two summers.
  • The time limit for the completion of all requirements for the specialist degree is six years from the date of first registration in the Education Specialist Degree Program.

Specialist Project

  • The specialist project is considered to be an integral part of the specialist program:
  • It shall carry six hours of credit.
  • The project shall be planned with reference to the student's field of specialization and professional goals.
  • It may take the form of a field project, a creative study, or a more formal research study. Regardless of the form of the project, the study shall culminate in a written, scholarly report.
  • This report must be approved by the student's graduate committee and by the Office of Graduate Studies.
  • Copies of the written report will be bound and retained by the office of Graduate Studies and the University Library.
  • Candidates must follow the guidelines of the Educational Leadership Department.
  • The project must conform to APA and university guidelines.


For certification information, see: Teacher Certification

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