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Director of Pupil Personnel

Rank I and Certification (30 Semester Hours)

The endorsement for Director of Pupil Personnel may be recommended when the student has met the following conditions:

  • Completed (3) years full-time appropriate teaching experience or employment in a school setting
  • A master's degree from an accredited institution
  • A 3.2 GPA or above on all graduate work
  • Completion of the appropriate prerequisite courses
  • Copy of a current, valid teaching certificate
  • Completion of a minimum of 60 semester hours of graduate credit including the master's degree. Within these total hours the student must complete the required professional courses as outlined in a planned program designed to provide the student with appropriate administrative competencies and courses required for certification

Prerequisite Courses:

  • EdFn 500 Research Methods
  • EdFn 576 Issues and Trends in Education
  • PSY 510/511 Advanced Ed. Psychology / Psychology of Learning

Three Hours from the following:

  • SEC 580 The Curriculum
  • ELED 503 Organization of the Elementary School Curriculum
  • MGE 571 The Middle School Curriculum
  • EdAd 683 Leading Teaching And Learning

Required Courses for Level I:

  • EdAd 585 Fundamentals of School Administration
  • EdAd 583 Accounting for Pupil Personnel
  • EdAd 588 Allocation and Use Of Resources
  • EdAd 649 School System Administration
  • EdAd 684 Instructional Leadership
  • EXED 516 The Exceptional Child: Perspectives & Issues
  • EdAd 677 Legal Issues For Professional Educators

Three Hours from the following*

  •  CNS 551 Classroom Guidance
  • CNS 660 Administration of Counseling Services

Required Courses for Level II:

  • EdAd 594 Seminar in Leadership: Aux. Programs
  • EdAd 682 School-Community Relations


For certification information, see: Teacher Certification

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