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General Graduate FAQ's

Do I have a certain order to take my classes?

If you are working on your MAE it's best to take your prerequisites (EDFN 500, EDFN 576 & PSYCH 510/511) and if possible take EdAd 585 and EdAd 597 together. There is really no particular order at this time except EDAD 690 should be as close to the end as possible.

Are any of the courses offered on line?

There are a few courses offered on line: (EDFN 500, EDFN 576, EDAD 594, EDAD 597).

Where do I get info for the Kentucky State Principal Test & SLLA Test?

Go to the Education Professional Standards Board's website. When completing the SLLA application be sure to put WKU's code & state code.

How do I get a TC-1?

You can get one from your school board's office, we can mail you one or you can go to the Education Professional Standards Board's website.

What do I do with the TC-1 once I have it completed?

Once you have completed the TC-1 you need to mail it to the Certification Office here at Western Kentucky University, 1906 College Heights Blvd. #61031, Bowling Green, Kentucky, 42101-1031. Also send a $4.00 check to the Registrar's Office for transcripts. The Certification Officer signs off, then the Certification Officer will mail it back to you. When you receive the completed TC-1 you need to mail it to Frankfort along with a $50.00 cashier's check or money order payable to the 'Kentucky State Treasurer'.

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 Last Modified 9/11/18