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image of Josh Corlew  Josh Corlew, SRSC 2016
  Garden Programs Coordinator, Plant the Seed, Nashville, TN

I was not excited about going back to school when I first started the SRSC program. In my head graduate school was stressful, strenuous, and tiring. While the professional benefits of a Masters degree are significant, I wasn't convinced I would finish the program...until I took my first course. Read more...



image of Brandi Button  Brandi Button, SRSC 2013

  Acting Executive Director, Sustainable Glasgow Inc. and Instructor of Gender and Women's Studies WKU

The GWS Certificate and SRSC program prepared me to critically analyze the world in which I live. With the education I received I am able to not "take for granted" that things are "the way they have always been and are the way they are always going to be." I question injustices on a daily basis. Read more...


Chad Green

  Chad Green, SRSC 2013
  Student and Peru Explorer, Lousiville, KY

I am extremely grateful to have discovered the SRSC program. The everlasting imprint left on my life has been tremendous from the broader horizons revealed to the access of extensive information regarding numerous social issues. Read more...


Kristy Howell

   Kristy Howell, SRSC 2013
  Sustainability Education and Engagement Coordinator, Overland Park, KS

Thanks to my completion of the SRSC MA, I’ve joined the Center for Sustainability at Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas. As Education and Engagement Coordinator, I work to support two student groups, assist faculty as they develop sustainability-related curriculum, and support national webinars for other community college sustainability leaders.  Read more...

Cara Howell  

  Cara Howell, SRSC 2014
  Community Development Specialist, Lexington, KY

I walked into this program with only the vaguest notion of what I was getting myself into.  What I have learned since that first day has been transformative.  The principles and basic values of Social Responsibility and Sustainable Communities form the core of the way I now approach not only my education, but also my career and my everyday interactions with my friends and coworkers.  Read more...

Florence Prickett


  Florence Prickett, SRSC 2014
  Public Safety Communications Dispatcher/
  Acting Supervisor for the Huntsville Fire Department, Huntsville, AL

The M.A. in SRSC has helped me understand what's really socially important in life--the people...I searched high and low for a Master's program that would sufficiently complement my B.A. and Gender & Women's Studies Graduate Certificate.  Read more...


Leigh Gaskin

  Leigh Gaskin, SRSC 2014
  PhD Student,  Washington State University

While it may seem that my interests are far reaching, I feel that one of the best concepts learned through the SRSC is how to dream big, to think about a world where equality and equity thrives and drives a nation, but also to understand how to cope when your goals and vision are not realized. Read more...


Rebecca Schwartz

  Rebecca Schwartz, SRSC 2014
  Study Abroad Director, Texas Tech, TX

The SRSC Master's program at WKU guides students to become active citizens in both local and global communities. Hands-on research is key to developing innovative approaches, and the SRSC program encourages and aids students in getting that kind of experience.  Read more...


Image of Jacqueline Adams

  Jacqueline Adams, SRSC 2014
   Education and Training Coordinator, LGBT Resource Center at Bowling Green State University

  2nd Year Doctoral Student in American Culture Studies and
  the Performance Studies Graduate Certificate Program at Bowling Green State University

The GWS Certificate I completed at WKU has shaped how I define my utopic views of the academy! I entered my graduate program in hopes of finding a place of belonging.  Read more...

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