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Diversity & Community Studies

DCS programs are moving to the following departmental homes:

DCS Major-Sociology: Advisor-Dr. Jane Olmsted
AFAM Minor-History: Advisor-Dr. Saundra Ardrey
CSJ Minor-Sociology: Advisor-Leah Ashwill
GWS Minor-English: Advisor-Dr. Jane Olmsted
SRSC-Sociology: Advisor-Dr. Jane Olmsted


Major in Diversity & Community Studies  (Click here for details)

The Department of Diversity and Community Studies houses three programs, which offer the following minors: African American Studies, Gender and Women's Studies, and Center for Citizenship and Social Justice.

These interdisciplinary programs share certain important affinities:

  • Conceptual frameworks for understanding diverse communities, their histories and contemporary expressions, the structural challenges they face, and the contributions they offer to the fabric of American society;
  • A commitment to working for social justice and equality of treatment across differences;
  • A record of working collaboratively within communities—in service projects as well as participatory research;
  • An understanding that social systems are interconnected in perpetuating institutional oppression and dominate group privilege.
  • A conviction that interdisciplinary analysis and community experience are essential to addressing real world problems.

Individually, the programs focus on the particular issues and sectors of society that define their curriculum, programming, and outreach.

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