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Procedures For Applying For A Certification Program.

Extending the Counseling Certificate

Applicants who have completed a program of preparation for guidance counseling in grades K-8 or 5-12 must obtain P-12 certification to continue their certification. To do so individuals must complete CNS 568 and 660. Ongoing certification for grades K-8 or 5-12 is no longer offered.
Applicants who are interested in standard guidance certification must complete CNS 556 and 666.

Any applicant who has completed the indicated courses and is in need of additional courses for certification purposes must consult their advisor to select necessary courses.

It is important to note that when a student is beginning a program he/she must apply directly to the Office of Graduate Studies, meet with an advisor, and complete a program of study (Form C).

For Rank I or Certification Only, applicants should click the Apply Now button on WKU's homepage (under Graduate Admissions), click Domestic and International, log in, select a term, and click on Planned Course of Study (it is important for students to remember that even a 6 hour Standard Guidance program is a planned program and NOT non-degree seeking):

For Cert Only P-12 Standard:

Cert P-12 Standards

Students seeking financial assistance for a Rank I must apply as Cert Only and then note they are seeking the Rank I. They must also have 2 Form C's written and submitted—one for Cert Only and one for the Rank I. If a student is seeking a Rank I, but needs financial assistance, then in the Additional Comments Field add:

Rank I

If a student is seeking a Rank I but does not need financial assistance:

For Rank I P-12 Standard Guidance only:

For Rank I P-12 Standard Guidance only

Graduate Studies has final signatures on all degree programs and Teacher Certification has final signatures on all Ranks and Certs.

For more information concerning School Counseling certification or rank change, please see Teacher Certification

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