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Counseling and Student Affairs

Transfer of Credit Polices

In addition to the requirements for transfer of credit posted in the current Graduate Studies Catalog, the following policies and procedures are applied in the Department of Counseling and Student Affairs.

In cases where a student wants to complete a course from another institution for the purpose of transfer of credit after their initial enrollment in any degree, certificate, or certification program in the Department of Counseling and Student Affairs, the following process is used. 1. Students must supply the syllabus and, in programs that are not CACREP accredited, the curriculum vita of the instructor for the course they would like to substitute for a required course. The syllabus will be evaluated to determine if the course meets the same CACREP standards covered in the similar course offered in the Department of Counseling and Student Affairs and the curriculum vita is used to assess the instructor’s qualifications. Students must obtain approval from the Counseling and Student Affairs department head, advisor, and instructor PRIOR to enrolling in the course they would like to use for transfer of credit. 2. Clinical courses (i.e., group, techniques, practicum, and internship) are not considered for transfer credit. 3. Students must supply an official transcript showing a grade of B or better in the course before a course substitution form is filed by their advisor. All regulations presented in the Graduate Studies Catalog apply.

Students must ensure that the course they intend to use for transfer of credit has at least 3 semester credit hours. In programs that offer quarter hour courses, courses must be at least 5 quarter hours of credit to satisfy transfer of credit conditions for one three semester hour course.

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 Last Modified 9/11/18