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Counseling and Student Affairs

CSA Policy On Security Of Media (Video and Audio)

Department Policies

Video Media Format

Students must submit video assignments in a digital format (e.g., DVD or USB drive).

Students are responsible to ensure that all videos they bring to supervision or submit to meet course requirements are compatible with the video playback equipment and software available to their course instructors or supervisors. No deadline or grade consequence will be waived for inability to provide an assignment in an appropriate format. Students should be certain that the videos they submit or bring to supervision are acceptable to their course instructors or supervisors in advance of course due dates and supervisory meetings.


If course instructors allow audio recordings for supervision or course requirements, students are responsible to ensure that the audio media they submit or bring to supervision can be played using equipment available to the instructor or supervisor.

Video and Audio Security

Videos or audio recordings of counseling sessions in CSA classes will meet HIPAA standards for security. This standard states that a video or audio recording must, at all times, be in a double lock security situation.

For example, if you store a tape in a locked file cabinet (lock 1) in a room that has a locked door (lock 2), you have met the double lock requirement.

Transporting a video to and from practicum, internship or other classroom sites represents a potentially challenging situation. For example, a video in a locked car (lock 1) does not constitute double lock security. Ways of creating a double lock security situation include storing the tape in a locked portable file cabinet or brief case within the car (lock 2).

All students will be required to sign a statement acknowledging that they understand and agree to comply with this Audio and Video Security policy

Video Lifetime and Destroying Procedures

At the conclusion of each semester, all video and audio recordings will be erased.

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 Last Modified 9/11/18