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The Counseling Program Journey

The following was a speech made by Chelsey Jenkins on May 14, 2015 during the CSI Omega Kappa Upsilon Chapter Initiation Ceremony. It was a valuable overview of how this counseling program is unique and offers so much more than just an academic education. Therefore, it seems like a great letter to share to help others gain a better idea of what to expect in the counseling program journey.


Chelsey JenkinsAs I started my graduate career, I anticipated the late nights, tough homework assignments, research papers, and lack of sleep. But what I didn’t and couldn’t anticipate was the amount of personal growth I would experience, as well as the friendships that would form, during my time in this program. You see, this program is about so much more than learning about the helping profession. It’s about learning about yourself and dealing with all of the things you’d like to forget. After all, if we’re going to help others during their times of struggle, shouldn’t we be just as, if not more committed, to working through own issues? To be authentic, genuine individuals, we must be dedicated and committed to our own personal growth. In order to truly understand someone else, you have to start with yourself. Without a full understanding of yourself, including your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, you will continue to see the unfinished pieces of you in others, as opposed to seeing others for who they are.

There are so many opportunities throughout this program to learn about yourself and to grow as a person. I encourage each one of you to take these moments, as scary and as impossible as they may seem. And the more you fight something, the more important it is for you to take the time to figure out what that is. Never take for granted your time here and the impact that you will have on each other and that others will have on you. Remember to lean on each other and to reach out for that support when you need it. Your commitment to personal growth benefits not only you, but it is an inspiration to others as well.

Once your time here is almost up, you won’t remember the stress of the papers or the time you spent worrying about your grades… but you WILL remember those life-changing moments… the moments where everything that never made sense, finally does. Moments when you know you’ve found your home, the place where you belong.  So when you feel as though you’re not good enough…as though you’ve been pushed to your breaking point or you’re not sure what to do… when you have trouble relating to clients or have doubts about trusting the process… remember this quote from the great Carl Rogers…

 “I am not perfect… But I am enough.”


Chelsey Jenkins is completing her degree in the Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling program at WKU with plans to graduate in August 2015.She has also served as a Graduate Assistant where she helped teach the undergraduate Human Relations course and assisted the Clinical Coordinator in establishing and approving internship sites for the graduate interns. Her interests are in counseling couples and families; however, she also enjoys working with individuals. She enjoys learning more about counseling and growing both personally and professionally.




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