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Any Minor

The Any Minor Option requires a minimum of 44 hours of approved computer science courses. The difference is that the student may minor in any program available at Western.

Please use iCAP within TopNet to verify your remaining degree requirements for the program of your catalog year.

Starting from Fall 2012, students who wish to declare a 629 computer science major are initially designated as 629P - Computer Science (Prep). In order to be granted full admission into the 629 computer science major, a student must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Completion of CS 180, CS 221, and CS 339 with grades of C or better.
  • Submit a Change of Major form to change from 629P to a 629 major.

Current Catalog: 44 Hour Requirements for Any Minor Option:

  • All CS courses counting towards the CS program major must be completed with a C or better.
CORE CLASSES (With Grade of C or Better) HOURS
CS 180 Computer Science I

4 Hours

CS 221 Computer Science II 4 Hours
CS 325 Computer Organization and Architecture 3 Hours
CS 339 Computer Science III 3 Hours
CS 351 Introduction to Database 3 Hours
CS 360 Software Engineering 3 Hours
CS 382 Programming Languages 3 Hours
CS 396 Intermediate Software Project 3 Hours
CS 421 Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis 3 Hours
CS 425 Operating Systems I 3 Hours
CS 496 Senior Project and Professional Practice 3 Hours
  • Completion of an additional 9 hours of CS electives at the 200 level or above (excluding CS 226 and CS 257) including 3 hours at the 400 level and another 3 hours at the 300 level or higher. NOTE: At most 1.5 hours of credit for CS 239 may count towards the major. At most 3 hours of credit for CS 239 and 245 (only for languages for which credit is not received through another course) may count towards the major.
  • Completion of any additional minor/major.

Additional requirements include:

  • ENG 307 and MATH 136 and STAT 301 

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