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Tattoo + Body Piercings



Tattoos and piercings are not worn by the stereotypical “bad boy”. Nearly 40% of people between the ages of 18-29 have tattoos and the percentage is rising.


Did you know?

  1. The main reason most people have stigmas against tattooed people are health risks, amount of pain, and religious beliefs.
  2. Researchers have found that people believe those with tattoos are from broken homes or delinquents, people with tattoos have a lower GPA.
  3. Martin Stigma Against Tattoos Survey conducted research at a Southeastern Regional University and found no significant differences in GPA of tattooed versus non-tattooed college students.
  4. There is not one certain type of person who gets tattoos anymore because so many people have them now
  5. Get a tattoo from a licensed, reputable facility. Tattoo regulations and requirements vary by state, so check with your local department of health for the latest safety laws.
  1. Work surfaces, chairs, and non-disposable equipment must be properly cleaned and sterilized between customers. Choose another facility if there’s evidence of poor sanitation.
  1. Tattoos can be removed, but not always completely or with satisfying cosmetic results. The process is expensive and requires repeated visits to a doctor. Scarring is also likely. The FDA recommends laser surgery performed by a dermatologist as a safe tattoo removal technique. Consult your doctor if you’re thinking about having a tattoo removed.








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