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Kumi Ishii, Ph.D.
Kumi Ishii, Ph.D.
- Professor

Kumi Ishii (Ph.D. Communication Studies, Kent State University) is a Professor in the Department of Communication at Western Kentucky University. Her research focuses on organizational communication among diverse members and with technology in the global age. In particular, Dr. Ishii has been doing research on communicaion in multinational organizations in the Bowling Green area over a decade. She welcomes students who are interested in doing research together. She also serves on the Editorial Board of The International Journal of Human Resource Management and The Journal of Human Behavior & Emerging Technologies. Based on her corporate experience, Dr. Ishii values practicality in academic education and teaches courses in the areas of organizational communication, digital communication, intercultural communication, etc. 

Selected Publications:

Ishii, K., Markman, K., Arnow, H., & Carr, S. (2021). "Nobody really knows what we do:" Understanding the              organizational and professional identification of academic librarians. Communication Studies. Advance              online publication. https://doi.org/10.1080/10510974.2021.1975146.

Ishii, K., Spence, P., & Hodges, W. R. (2021). Social presence in computer-based receptionists: Experimental            study towards organizational automation. Communication Reports. Advance online publication.                        https://doi.org/10.1080/08934215.2021.1918199.

Ishii, K. (2021). Subordinate’s account-giving in the eyes of the manager: Successful management of failing              events in multinational organizations (MNOs). The International Journal of Business Communication,                58(1), 106-124. Advance online publication, 2017. https://doi.org/10.1177/2329488417735647.


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