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Course Load

Full-time load for Graduate Students is 9 credit hours per semester and is the normal course load for graduate work. Students wishing to take more than 9 hours in one semester should consult their advisor prior to enrolling. According to university policy, no more than 15 hours can be taken in one semester. International students must take 9 credit hours/semester; at least 6 of those credit hours must be in face-to-face classes.


A cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 must be maintained for good standing in the program. A grade of 'B' or higher must be earned in all Core Courses. No grade below a 'C' will be acceptable toward the degree in any category.

Required Core Courses (COMM 505, 547, 501, & 502)

In order for students to matriculate through the program successfully, appropriate sequencing of the Core Courses is required. Students should complete the required courses within their first 18 hours of coursework.  

Transfer Courses

If desired, a maximum of 6 hours compatible with the degree may be transferred in or taken outside the department.Transfer credit requires prior approval of the Graduate Program Director and/or Department Head. Courses taken at WKU outside the Department must also be approved.  As a general policy, the Communication Department does not accept the transfer of research methods courses to fulfill our research methods requirements.

Attendance & Academic Integrity Policies


 Last Modified 10/24/13