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Attendance Policy

 The Department of Communication Graduate Program develops student knowledge and skills through a varied curriculum in applied organizational communication. Our courses are special learning communities in which professors and students join together to study course-specific literature from the Communication discipline. Students process and evaluate scholarly work through written and oral presentation of information and ideas. Therefore, attendance and active participation are essential for all students' success.

Punctual attendance at each class is an obligation of the student. By registering for this course, you are indicating that you will be able to attend classes on time and without early departure on the dates published. A student missing a weekend class meeting or more than one meeting of a semester-long class should NOT expect to pass the course. Students should have their personal or professional schedules well in mind when they choose courses for the semester. Therefore, do not register for a course if you know you will not be able to attend class on all the published dates. Graduate faculty may supplement this departmental attendance policy through specific announcements in each course syllabus.

Academic Integrity Policy

Western Kentucky University and the Department of Communication are committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct and academic excellence. Issues of academic misconduct include a range of offenses including: copying the work of other students, plagiarizing other sources by incorrectly citing sources, presenting someone's information as your own without crediting the source, incorrectly citing primary sources from a secondary source, submitting assignments previously submitted for another course without prior consent of both professors, and cheating on exams.

 The Department takes academic offenses seriously. Professors may routinely ask students to submit their written work to a plagiarism detection database. Any student found guilty of academic dishonesty will receive one of the following consequences at the discretion of the faculty member: written warning, reduced grade on the assignment, failing grade on the assignment, reduction in course grade, failing grade in the course, and/or referral to the University Disciplinary Committee.

Course Load

Full-time load for Graduate Students is 9 credit hours per semester and is the normal course load for graduate work. Students wishing to take more than 9 hours in one semester should consult their advisor prior to enrolling. According to university policy, no more than 15 hours can be taken in one semester. International students must take 9 credit hours/semester; at least 6 of those credit hours must be in face-to-face classes.


A cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 must be maintained for good standing in the program. A grade of 'B' or higher must be earned in all Core Courses. No grade below a 'C' will be acceptable toward the degree in any category.

Required Core Courses (COMM 547, 501, & 502)

In order for students to matriculate through the program successfully, appropriate sequencing of the Core Courses is required. Students should complete the required courses within their first 18 hours of coursework.  

Transfer Courses

If desired, a maximum of 6 hours compatible with the degree may be transferred in or taken outside the department.Transfer credit requires prior approval of the Graduate Program Director and/or Department Head. Courses taken at WKU outside the Department must also be approved.  As a general policy, the Communication Department does not accept the transfer of research methods courses to fulfill our research methods requirements.


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 Last Modified 8/25/22