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Chinese Flagship Program 中文领航

Upcoming Events

The Chinese Flagship Program has an overarching goal of facilitating academic, cultural, and social programs with the intent of building an intellectual community and advancing students’ linguistic and cultural skills. All while having fun and enjoying Flagship fellowship!! Below is a list of some of the upcoming programs for the 2016-2017 year. Check your e-mail and classroom for additional events throughout the year!


Festivals and Celebrations

  • Chinese Mid-Autumn/Moon Festival: WKU Chinese Language Immersion House
    • Flagship Scholars are invited to gather to celebrate the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon festival, by sampling authentic moon cakes, playing traditional moon festival games, and learning the historical significance of the holiday. 
    • September 
  • A Voyage of Tea: Engaging with China One Sip at a Time
    • In the fall, the Chinese Flagship hosts a traditional Chinese tea ceremony demonstration and an interactive tea tasting session. Participants will observe the multiple steps in the Chinese tea ceremony while WKU visiting Fulbright scholars teach the historical and cultural significance of the ceremony. In line with WKU’s focus on internationalizing the university experience, the Chinese tea ceremony aims to allow both students and community members to have an authentic cultural experience without having to step foot out of Kentucky.
    • October 
  • Chinese New Year Festival
    • During the Chinese New Year celebration, Flagship students get to try their hand at making their own Jiaozi (dumplings), play traditional games, test their bargaining skills in a night market and showcase their Chinese singing skills in Karaoke.
    • February  
  • Spring Symposium
    • This yearly Symposium provides students an opportunity to share research and creativity activities in domain/major specific areas utilizing Chinese language skills and gain presentation experience in Chinese.  Students of all proficiency levels are welcome to present and everyone is encouraged to attend!  It’s not every event where you can learn about the conductivity of metals, how to translate stories with cultural context, or the intersection between Peruvian and Chinese cuisine. 
    • April 
  • Dragon Boat Festival 
    • Join the Flagship Dragon Boat Festival viewing party as we experience the traditional boat races without having to strap on a lifejacket! The viewing party will include cultural presentations about the history and significance of the dragon boat race, traditional festival foods, and Chinese poetry contests. 
    • April 

Workshops and Hands-On Learning

  • Chinese Language Table: HCIC Lobby
    • The Chinese Flagship Program at WKU has an established tradition of providing a communal Chinese Language Table event each week. Facilitated by our Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistants (FLTAs), Language Tables are dynamic conversation hours that provide a comfortable setting for scholars to engage with the language. Flagship scholars are encouraged to participate in the Language Table conversational Chinese events for additional opportunities to develop their speaking and listing skills.
  • Annual Flagship Orientation: HCIC Multipurpose Room
    • Each year the Chinese Flagship Program hosts our orientation the first Saturday after Labor Day. Programing is focused on welcoming first year scholars into the Flagship family, including the traditional Flagship red towel ceremony, and providing resources to support their transition to Flagship. Returning students receive professional development on topics including overseas safety, professional branding and career opportunities, national scholarships and research, and learning the language for your professional field. Additionally, we invite campus partners to share resources and opportunities tailored to our community of Flagship scholars.
    • September 
  • First-Year Writing Workshop
    • First Year Scholars participate in an interactive workshop to learn the art of mastering Chinese characters. The workshop aims to give students a strong foundation in their writing and reading skills as they begin their learning career in the Chinese Flagship Program. After completing the specialized workshop, scholars will understand the six ways that characters are constructed and the sequence of strokes that scholars should follow when writing characters.
    • September 
  • Capstone Workshop
    • The Capstone Workshop is designed not only to demystify the process of preparing and applying for the Overseas Capstone Year, but also is intentionally developed to provide cultural instruction in a small group setting. Attendees participate in sessions on resume development, scholarships, and critical cultural preparation for networking and professional etiquette in China.
    • October
  • Let’s Talk Opportunity: Summer Chinese Language Program Student Panel
    • Our summer program alumni discuss the good, the bad, and the just plain funny experiences in domestic and international intensive language programs. This program is entirely student-centered and student-led to provide students considering summer language programs the opportunity to ask questions directly to former participants.
  • Winter Immersion Retreat
    • This three-day/two-night domestic, off-campus immersion program held prior to the Spring semester provides 100 and 200 level students, who were unable to go abroad over Winter-term, an opportunity to practice their language in a real-world context and navigate authentic daily interacts similar to those encountered abroad.
    • January 
  • Winter Reading on the Radiator
    • Reading on the Radiator, a Flagship spin on the traditional book club, provides a platform for students to delve into Chinese literature during our Winter break.  After chatting about the novels over Facebook while at home, scholars return to a group discussion complete with hot tea and pastries.
    • January 

Events at the Chinese Language Immersion House—open to all!

  • Welcome Back!
  • Come reconnect with classmates, hear what everyone has been up to over the summer, and meet the newest Flagshippers!
  • September
    • Show Me the Money
    • Come learn about career options associated with Federal service, and the nationally competitive programs and scholarships associated with these opportunities.
    • November
      • Moldy Bread, Laundry, and Loud Music
      • Sometimes it’s the words you learn outside of the classroom that really come in handy!  Come learn some of the everyday phrases associated you’ll need to live abroad.  You don’t want to be the one to eat the moldy bread!
      • March
        • yīlù píng'ān   一路平安
        • Come join us in celebrating a year’s worth of accomplishments and a sendoff for those headed to international and domestic summer programs! 
        • May

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