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Interdisciplinary Patient Navigator Certificate

Interdisciplinary Patient Navigator Certificate

Undergraduate Certificate


Program Information

The Interdisciplinary Patient Navigator Certificate will prepare students in the health care professions to effectively assist diverse clients to locate appropriate healthcare services, participate in healthcare decision-making, and understand medical vernacular and processes in the healthcare system.  This program prepares students in the health care professions by increasing understanding of both the complexity of the US healthcare system and the diverse barriers and strengths of rural healthcare clients. Legal and ethical issues in healthcare provision are examined.

Students completing this certificate will be prepared to work with patients in healthcare or community settings at all stages of the healthcare process including preventative care, maintaining a healthy lifestyle; diagnosis, treatment, and disease management; and adjustment to chronic illness or sometimes end of life. One of the required courses--HIM 100-- has additional requirements of 1) liability insurance, 2) immunizations, 3) drug screen, 4) criminal background check, and 5) professional organization membership. Some of these requirements may be met in other professional programs, and your Certificate Advisor can assist you with determining if the requirements are met. These requirements will cost about $150 in most cases. For more information about the cost of the program, average time to complete the program, and other important information, please visit this website.


Students completing the Interdisciplinary Patient Navigator Certificate will:

  • Assist patients in navigating the complex US health care system.
  • Enhance patients’ health literacy and interpret health care information to meet patient needs.
  • Practice effective cross cultural communication strategies with diverse patients.
  • Coordinate patient care including appointment scheduling, care conferences, and encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • Address barriers to healthcare access including physical, emotional, and financial ones.
  • Adhere to professional boundaries in the navigator/patient relationship.
  • Protect the confidentiality and privacy of patient information including HIPAA.
  • Understand and utilize an effective ethical decision making model.
  • Support positive patient changes in health behavior.
  • Understand medical terminology and medical records content and structure.
  • Provide emotional support and assistance during all phases of the healthcare process.
Certificate Requirements

Certificate Requirements (19-23 credit hours)

Courses for the certificate may also meet the requirements for other degree programs. This certificate may be completed in as little as 19 or as many as 23 hours of credit. Courses that apply to the certificate must be completed with a grade of “C” or better.


I.  Core Courses  (All 13 hours required)

HIM 100 Health Data Content and Structure (4 hours)

AH 290 Medical Terminology (2 hours)

HIM 291 Advanced Medical Terminology (2 hours)

HIM 292 Pharmacology and Laboratory Diagnostics (2 hours)

HCA 340 Health Care Organization and Management (3 hours)


II.  Legal Issues in Health Care (Choose 1 or Advisor Approved Selection)

HIM 225 Legal Issues in Health Information Management (2 hours)

SWRK 375 Social Work Practice I (3 hours)

SWRK 433 Ethical Issues and Dilemmas in Social Work (3 hours)

PH 447 Human Values and the Health Sciences (3 hours)


III.  Collaboration in Healthcare (Choose 1 or Advisor Approved Selection)

SWRK 357 Case Management (3 hours)

NURS 400 Nursing Leadership and Management (3 hours)

COMM 440 Health Communication (3 hours)


IV.  Cultural Competency (Choose 1 or Advisor Approved Selection)

CD 200 Cross Cultural Health Care Encounters (1 hour)

NURS 321 Transcultural Nursing (2 hours)

SWRK 330 Human Behavior in the Social Environment I (3 hours)

HCA 347 International Comparisons of Health Care Systems (3 hours)

Contact Information

For more information, please contact:

Danita Kelley, PhD, RD
Associate Dean, College of Health and Human Services
Professor, Department of Family and Consumer Sciences
Academic Complex, Office 208
(270) 745-7060


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