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Rin's Project Pass the Love Scholarship Fund

Rin's Project Pass the Love is a scholarship designed to invest in minority student’s education. The scholarship aims to provide additional funding for student’s educational expenses such as books, food, and other necessities. Rin's Project Pass The Love, was created under Rin’s Project Line LLC, a small retail business founded by Darinda Reddick on February 12, 2021. Darinda graduated from Western Kentucky University in May 2020, receiving a bachelor’s degree in Diversity and Community Studies and a minor in African American Studies. She believes this scholarship is a small step but a great way to forge new paths for future student leaders and brilliant scholars.

The goal of Rin’s Project Pass the Love is to continue to reinvest in minority student's education in order to promote opportunities of generational success, growth, love, and community. Darinda indicated her motivation for the scholarship stemmed from the adversity she faced and the national events she experienced and dealt with in 2020, such as COVID-19; the killing and sexual assault of victims Oluwatoyin Salau and Vanessa Guillen; and the victims of police brutality such as Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Elijah McClain, and countless others who lost their lives to racial injustice.  The company wants to promote love and support for underrepresented and marginalized communities that face discrimination in society. Rin’s Project Line LLC encourages students to join the Intercultural Student Engagement Center which is a loving and supporting center on campus that works with minority students to help them become more involved on campus and gain access to educational tools and resources to help them achieve opportunities for personal and academic success.

Darinda Reddick started Rin’s Project Line because she values community organizing and is passionate about helping people and creating change. Mrs. Reddick grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, and attended Western Kentucky University in 2016, and graduated in May of 2020. Darinda became a victim of sexual assault in November of 2019. The following year divisive elements of racial injustice and unemployment due to COVID-19 not only affected her family and friends but the rest of the world. What helped her get through difficult times was painting and creating pillows because it was therapeutic and it allowed her to dive into her creative passions while dealing with depression.

What makes these pillows unique is what they symbolize which is love, hope, and strength. Growing up, her grandma would always tell her, "It’s easy to hate, but it's harder to love." This quote has stuck with Darinda ever since because the hardest thing she ever had to learn was to forgive and let love back into her heart. Even though love turned against her, she still chose to go back to it, therefore, making her stronger, wiser, and more empathetic to others.

Rin’s Project Line hopes to pass along the love and remind students they matter. Your situation may be heavy, and it might make you feel alone. But she wants you to know that you are not alone and that you are always loved. She believes love is what gives us strength and as long as we have love there is hope for better days.

For more information about the scholarship fund, email rinsprojectline@yahoo.com.

For more information on future projects and events, visit Rin’s Project Line website.

Scholarship Requirements:

- Must be a member of the Intercultural Student Engagement Center.

- Must be a student at Western Kentucky University

- Must have at least a 2.0 GPA

- Students must submit a one-page essay on how they pass the love to others.

- DACA recipients are encouraged

Students will receive $300 each semester for the academic year, and a Rin's Project Pass The Love pillow and t-shirt.

We may request a picture with the scholarship recipient to go on our company’s webpage!


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